Cambodia’s Tech Scene Needs Private Money, But It’s On The Up

Southeast Asia has been racing towards tech in recent years, and several formidable ecosystems have appeared across the region. For Cambodia, one of its smaller nations with a population of just 15…

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Belgium’s Startups Are Justifying Some Surprising Statistics

Europe’s tech scene is diversifying. No longer is it confined to a handful of cities and regions. And little Belgium is evidencing that more than most nations. The country, which is home…

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2016 Top 100 Asia Winners

The Red Herring team would like to congratulate its 2016 Top 100 Asia winners. Accolades were bestowed on the evening of September 15 based on qualitative and quantitative criteria involving financial performance, execution…

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YourDOST Bridges India’s Huge Mental Health Gap

Richa Singh was at college in Guwahati when her roommate, worried about a place in India’s skyrocketing jobs market, took her own life. It was a tragedy—and, for Singh, a call to…

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Gobi Partners’ Kay-Mok Ku on Investing Smart in Southeast Asia

Kay-Mok Ku has over 17 years’ experience investing in startups across Asia. Since 2010 he has been a partner at Gobi Partners, an early-stage fund established in Shanghai in 2002. Singapore-based Ku has…

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Red Herring Asia Kicks Off in Manila

The Red Herring Asia conference is under way in Manila this morning – and promises to feature some of the continent’s most exciting startups. The event, which began this morning with a…

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Six Startups to Join EY Blockchain Initiative

Six startups will contest a challenge laid down by accounting giant EY, to develop blockchain solutions for energy trading and digital rights management. The EY Startup Challenge, a six-week program beginning September…

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Startup Valley IncubateesStartup Valley Incubatees

A New Coworking Space Comes to Afghanistan’s Capital City

Times are tough in Kabul. Just as the Afghan city was becoming used to a period of relative quiet a bomb blast, claimed by ISIS, claimed more than 80 lives at a…

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Lu LiLu Li

Entrepreneur Lu Li on the Startup Gender Gap, and New Book ‘Dear Female Founder’

Women looking to become entrepreneurs face a shortage of role models. Lu Li aims to redress that. Her new book, Dear Female Founder, has pooled together letters from 66 women in business…

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Airweave Targets Sport’s Elite with Mattress Technology

In most industries, progress is an evolutionary process. Leaders will argue relentlessly about modest changes to products, as they make small improvements over a long time. But once in awhile, momentous shifts…

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