LinkedIn Acquires Rapportive, the Email Plugin

LinkedIn has acquired Rapportive, a browser plugin that overlays Gmail with info on other social media feeds. The news was first put up for rumor a couple of weeks ago by AllThingsD, and then confirmed Feb. 22 by Rapportive in a blog post.

Rapportive empowers your email with the latest social network updates from your contacts, linking LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and your address book right into your email. It can be handy emailing a colleague to comment on a recent Tweet or perhaps a LinkedIn article he or she has shared, or even realize the two of you are not connected on LinkedIn and want to extend your professional network.

The company describes itself as building a software that “you don’t have to remember to use. (Italics theirs). Our software would be an intrinsic part of the tools you use every day. It would be there when you want it, and out of the way when you don’t,” the company described itself on its blog.

Wondering if LinkedIn just ran off with your email plugin? Don’t worry. They’re willing to share.

“When rumours of our acquisition surfaced last week, many asked what was going to happen to the product,” wrote Rapportive’s CEO Rahul Vohra on the company’s blog. “Well, we have fantastic news: at LinkedIn, we will support Rapportive, and we will continue to build beautiful products that make you brilliant with people.”

Though the price was not disclosed, AllThingsD reported that sources indicated the sale was “in the low teens” of millions of dollars of cash.

Rapportive’s competitors include Mingly and Xobni.

Rapportive has received $1 million in investment funding from Charles River Ventures, Dave McClure, Paul Buchheit, Jason Calacanis, Gary Vaynerchuk, Shervin Pishevar and Venture Hacks.