Easy Solution Latest DMS Cyberfraud Protection Suite


Every day, cyber crime makes headlines. This week, Barnes & Noble announced that PIN keypads in 63 of its stores were hacked, leaking customers card information and PIN numbers. Earlier this month, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned the country of the possibility of a cyber attack comparable to Pearl Harbor, and all but laid the blame of recent hacks on US and Middle East oil producers at Iran’s feet. President Obama called cyber crime “one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face,” stating the country’s prosperity into the next century depended on cybersecurity solutions.

In the new world, cybersecurity comes down to terrorist protection. This is much bigger than your old Yahoo email password.

As the world of cyber crime has evolved, so has Easy Solutions, which claims to be the only company on the planet focused completely on comprehension and protection of electronic fraud across all devices, premises and clouds. The company recently updated the abilities of its Detect Monitoring Services (DMS), introducing earlier fraud protection, expanded real time monitoring capabilities, and faster fraud protection. The new platform allows the company to neutralize threats even faster, pretty much stopping the fraud in its tracks.

DMS invisibly monitors sites to detect patterns and behaviors associated with the early stages of phishing scams, stopping the threats before they cause damage. The software features a simple interface and works across all devices, premises and clouds.

The new system includes a more user friendly design as well as a cloud-based portal that keeps track of new threats in real time.

Among the nearly 800,000 unique phishing attacks in the last 12 months, the company has held a 76 percent proactive detection rate, with an average deactivation time of 3.6 hours.