I just wanted to say THANK YOU for having me participate at the Red Herring Global conference last week.  What a great group of companies and leaders — you guys have a wonderful eye for great CEO’s and entrepreneurs.

 I made a number of very interesting contacts.
I greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate.   You guys ROCK!
All the best,
Eric Tilenius, Scale Venture Partners

“The event was well organized and a good combination of some interesting speakers and great networking opportunity amongst the companies attending. I made a number of promising business connections and met a number of potential business partners and potential investors.”

Claus Nehmzow, 3D Avatar School Ltd.



“I particularly appreciated the quality of the discussions and the editorial content.

 The organization was great, a lot of networking opportunities.

 Thank you very much for this excellent time.

Nicolas Durand, Abionic



“This is a rare and exclusive opportunity for the top entrepreneurs in Asia to share their experiences, lessons learnt and growth strategies.”

Anuj Khanna Sohum, Affle Group



“It was a great event. Not only a concentration of interesting early stage companies from a diverse range of geographies – but also a series of interesting sessions. Keeping up to date with the realities of the global market place thesedays – is more importnt than ever – but the ability to dicuss these with peers from across the region was also very useful. ”

Nick Gerritsen, Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation Limited




“I was only able to attend the day of the presentation itself and I only wish I had been able to attend the full event. I really enjoyed the panel discussions and thought Alex did a great job as moderator in provoking debate…

I’ve taken specific ideas on 10X benefits, the power of the financially ambitious mindset and the thoughts only working with top tier VC’s back to my management team.

I also met 2 excellent VC’s and conversations continue. “

Anthony Bolland , Avecto



“Red Herring Europe was truly a great event. The conference program was packed with interesting people and good discussions, and I met a lot of interesting people. Some of who I believe will be future partners. I will be back!”

SiljeVallestad, Bipper



“This was an excellent experience for several reasons:

1.  The process of preparing for being considered as the top 100, the meeting,  and the presentation forced the company to really narrow down on how to communicate what differentiates us.

2.  The social events were an excellent forum for networking.

3.  The PR that we gained since we won has been excellent (ie. web presence, interviews, articles)

All in all an excellent experience!




“I enjoyed the event in Hong Kong. I met great companies and great entrepreneurs, I listened to HQ speakers and the organization of the event was very good. Thanks !”

 AtillaTorgay, Brandsfever Pte Ltd



“Red Herring is a platform which provides an opportunity to Start-ups to showcase their talent while at the same time learn from others. Its a place where you get to meet people facing similar problems from across the globe.”

Anant Choubey, Capillary Technologies International Pte Ltd



“The conference was an excellent forum in which to interact with the very best of the regions up and coming companies and executives.  It combines the very best industry and equity experts offering realtime insights on the current business climate, industry trends and successful strategies to access capital during with a platform built around allowing extensive interaction and the exchange of ideas.”

Marshall Towe, Cascadiant



“Red Herring Asia Top 100 is a premier award, well recognized in the world and in Asia.  Red Herring winners are reputed to combine business acumen with innovative technologies.  The statistics on past winners validated this reputation.  Clault is honored to  be associated with such an esteemed pool of Red Herring award winners.”

Marcus Tan, Clault



“The best thing with the Red Herring awards, apart from the nice feeling of being selected as a winner, was the mix of interesting companies and VCs. In the relaxed mix and mingles, panel discussions and presentations a lot of new contacts were made. Contacts that will be of great use from now on.”

Mathias Ericsson, CloudMe



“It was great to meet such a vibrant collection of entrepreneurs to demonstrate that European growth is still alive and kicking despite all the current economic gloom.”

RalphBaxter, ClusterSeven


“Got some very useful advice and insights from Alex and other guest speakers on how to manage growth. Also got to understand some very interesting business ideas and potential partnership opportunities in many countries.”

Rahul Sheth, CRMnext



“When you’re an entrepreneur focused heads down on your growth, taking 2 mornings in an exceptional venue to listen to what the trends are on a global scale is a true bubble of oxygen, networking opportunities and enriching encounters. Thanks to the RH team for such a pleasant event!”

Thierry Ferey, DarQroom



“The event provided us the platform to interact with Top CEOs of Asia .  We networked and shared ideas with most of the participants wherein the knowledge was immensely flowing through experience investors, start-Ups etc. Some of the sessions were very helpful and gave us the global understanding on scalability. ”

Ajay Chauhan, DataGuru.in



“Was a great conference:

– The experience of the speakers and Mr Vieux is applicable to DigitalRoute business.

– On top of being recognized as a Top 100 Winner, looking at the go-to-market model for other companies is a good learning experience

– Also provide network and partnering opportunities.

– Reputable VCs were present

I would definitely recommend Red Herring to startups looking for VC financing.

Arnaud Lassalle, DigitalRoute AB



“It was a terrific experience participating in the Red Herring Asia Top 100 program. The program is very well created, and has a process that ascertains only worthy candidates make it to the top. All through, Red Herring personnel were very helpful and kept me informed about the process. It was a truly gratifying experience to be a part of the Red Herring Asia Top 100.”

Sanchit Jain, DreamOrbit Softech Private Limited



“Great event with keynotes and roundtable discussions that inspired a lot.”

ErikHougaard, dukaPC ApS



“Great to see Red Herring in Asia, we got to meet many potential leads and have begun following up with them. Infact we were meeting people within a week after winning the award. Looking forward to the Global Awards in LA this November!”

Stefan Rust, Exicon


“I found the event exiting. I did not have an opportunity to follow the tracks, however, people I spoke to found them educational. I think that the mix of people, from first time founders to serial-entrepenours makes it difficult to make an event that adds value for all people. But this aside, I really enjoyed my time in Amsterdam.”

 Borgar Ljosland, FXI Technologies



“It was great networking and awareness event for participating organizations. The training sessions, were great help in preparing CEO’s for upcoming challenges and directing them towards globalization. I made good friends, got a fresh perspective, and a recognition that I can be always proud of.”

Khurram Samad, GenITeam



“Red Herring Asia like the Asian Games, which attracted the best Asian enterprises and players. We know lots of excellent businesses and friends, and we learn much from them. Meanwhile, become Top100 can prove HenergySolar strategy is right and promote our market develop more quickly.”

Zongjie Xiao, HenergySolar



“The event had a great crowd with high-level execs from all around Europe. Very good.  Setting (venue) created intimate atmosphere. Host was very sharp.  Only downside was that a lot of topics / panel discussions ended up in discussing eu vs us VC or VC in general. Lectures around business execution (apart from funding) would be very nice as well.”

Jeroen Verberg, Hippo



“Is was a great honor for Hope Tech Global to stand amongst the Asia Top 100 winners this year. The competition for the award was tough and all the companies that participated had innovative and disruptive business models.

 At Hope Tech Global, a healthy bottom line is not the finishing line but the starting line to make a  lasting difference in this world. Hope Tech Global is very proud that its model of helping the Developing World through leveraging China’s Electronic Supply Chain was recognized by Red Herring.

 Hope Tech Global is also happy to announce that it closed its 3rd round of financing within days after being announced an Asia Top 100 winner. Our team would like to thank Red Herring for what they are doing to help connect great startups and VCs. May you continue to build the Red Herring legacy!

Wilhelm Stoker, Hope Tech Global



“First of all, thanks for organizing this event. Was truly an enjoyable experience and we’re of course happy to have been among the Top 100. As we’re currently in talks with strategic investors, I hope this will help us…

One thought and suggestion:

 What I found was missing was the facilitated 1:1 experience between VCs and companies. The morning was up-front program with the panel discussions and the afternoon was up-front program with the presentations. The content was interesting, however if there had been some sessions with arranged meetings would have been great.  The CEO Day in Switzerland did a nice job on this (http://www.b2match.eu/ceoday2011). You register for the event and then indicate the interest of meeting people from a list. They can accept or decline.

 P.S. If you want to get in touch with the people from KAUST in Saudi Arabia for a Middle East event, let me know.

Peter Vogel, HR Matching AG




“It was a great event, organized very well. Gave us an opportunity to meet with wonderful people & innovative entrepreneurs. Red Herring has created an amazing platform for learning & sharing and recognizing entrepreneurial spirit.

 Kudos to the Red Herring team for a great event!

Anurag Mehra, IACT GLOBAL


“It’s been a great overall experience with Red Herring, right from the choice of hotels, esteemed speakers, thorough examiners, Asia-spread finalists, presentation disciplines, judging process, overall event management and last but not the least the most coveted award function.

 It was everything or nothing for all of them at the award function, and the ones that sailed through have had a sweet taste of success which I have no doubt that will be cherished for their lifetime. Entrepreneurs came from thousands of miles … all of them with high held aspirations.

 I recommend Red Herring to one and all and wish them best for coming years and may the story of success continue for every entrepreneur.”

Yogesh Shah, iResearch Services



“The level of innovation and passion represented by the Red Herring 100 Europe nominees was quite impressive. As an enterprise software CEO, I was energized by the achievements and ideas of our peer companies at the event and anticipate opportunities to partner with some of the complementary technologies and business models highlighted here. We are proud to be recognized among so much groundbreaking leadership for Europe and the global technology community.”

Annemarie Pucher, ISIS Papyrus Software



“The Red Herring Asia Top 100 is one of the most prestigious awards around the world because it scores and scores companies objectively and view them with an independent perspective.

 Java Gulf appreciates the opportunity to be one of the selected Asia 100 finalists and later Winners and knows how much this adds to the company’s brand, reputation and credibility; not just locally, but also globally.  The Red Herring Asia 100 provides a launching ground to take Java Gulf to the next level to expand globally and get the recognition that will help in identifying its brand and work.

 We thank Red Herring for identifying Java Gulf as a company deserving of the Red Herring Asia 100 and this increases our responsibility to stick with our values and work harder to accomplish our strategies and objectives as Company.

Wissam Abu-Taha, Java Gulf



“I joined the Europe 100 event with zero expectations! Another event, another award.

 30 mins in to the first evening  I understood that it was the right event at the perfect timing for JFrog and for me.

 A few weeks after the conference, the best way for me to paint a small picture of my conference experience is probably to share some of the main strength points:

 1. I’m a CEO in a software company, yet, somehow for the last year I met only techies and not people like me. At the Red Herring event I met guys like me who face the same challenges. Nothing can beat a talk with a peer CEO of a startup company that shares his VC’s or going-global experience.

 2. 200 companies from all sectors that deserve the title Red Herring 100 winners I think that I was one of the few that went to as many presentations as I could. I sat there thinking to myself “wow these guys are great” more than once. However only 100 out of them went back home with the award.

 3.I finished my frogs presentation and 3 different VC’s approached me and asked to meet.  I was happy to reply that we are not in a fundraising series but its great feedback to have!

 4.Well organized event, with extremely important panels that share industry expert experience and thoughts.

 I end the Red Herring 100 Europe conference feeling GRATEFUL I was there and HUMBLED that I get to play a small part!

 JFrog is one of the 100 winners, however with or without it, I would do it again.

Shlomi Ben Haim, JFROG



“We are glad Red Herring selected magnetU for its Top 100 companies award.

 The interesting venture panels, the guidance of Mr. Alex Vieux and companies presented the event made it a fun and professional conference. The Red Herring team and judges did a great job in screening and due diligencing the companies from a long list till selecting the top 100.

Yaron Moradi, magnetU



“Red Herring Asia was not only great platform to showcase what we do at MeSixty, but also  a unique environment  where so many  amazing companies from around the region were concentrated into the same venue. The opportunity to network and form valuable partnerships was second to none.”

Keeran Janin, MeSixty



“For entrepreneurs, the journey of steering ideas into commercial success, is a demanding one.

 It is  a pursuit for  a dream to come true, against most odds and over very high obstacles.

 When most people wish upon a falling star, entrepreneurs follow that star,  chase it, aiming to catch it.

 To persevere  such a quest,  constant soulful inspiration is required .

 In given opportunities to meet fellow entrepreneurs, you always realize  how similar your journeys  are, and how much of the learning can be shared in the entrepreneurs’ community.

 These are always a very inspiring moments in the somewhat lonely path of the CEO.

 In that aspect, Red Herrings’ Europe Finalist’s event was a precious moment, in which I was fortunate to spend time amongst the most experienced, brilliant and successful entrepreneurs across Europe.

 The attendants brought diverse cultural background, all working their way up different markets, developing their ventures through different  stages from seed to growth, and even turn-arounds.

 The commonalty however was clear and very bonding – all are passionately involved in their business, planning to successfully overcome the next  challenges ahead.

 I am thankful for the Red Herring team for planning and running the event, and for assembling the CEOs from all over Europe for this purpose.

 I have learned a lot, gain valuable perspective, and left with a lot of wind in my sails from this humbling experience.

 Now, for practicality:

 Did I make any deals?

 Well – Yes!

 I made a deal with myself, to keep on pursing my vision, with even further commitment.

 Thank you for reminding me how great the vision is, and reflecting to me that the commitment to pursue it is  always the most important deal in the journey.

Dotan Peleg, Morflora



“The whole venue from the initial selecting process, screening and with the final event in Amsterdam was very professional. As small company growing fast with limited resources this is so fundamental and very appreciated. It’s very clear that Red Herring has done this for many years, the level of the seminars, relevance, agenda and overall tempo in the event was perfect. Meeting really fun and smart people that share the same challenges, great international contacts that have all ready been fruitful. As a small player (in physical size not in solution:) competing in large market dominated by US companies Red Herring gives us an opportunity to get visible, noticed. It gives us a chance to show customers how good we really are. Its about credibility , it’s a very important door opener.

I wish to thank the Red Herring team for doing a great job and I will encourage anyone who feel they have chance to apply – its a great experience and a challenge.

Jan Josephson, op5 AB



“I quite enjoyed the event, good networking with both entrepreneurs and VCs. I met with a number of high-quality companies which we are continuing the dialogue with.

As an improvement suggestion, the company summaries in the handout were not of high enough quality / clear enough. It was quite difficult to depict what business the companies were engaged in (in addition to a few clear errors with the text in the wrong places), making it unnecessarily hard to plan the visits to presentations.

Tom Henriksson, Open Ocean Capital



“ Great event.  Excellent networking with interesting colleagues with the same challenges and opportunities. Enjoyed all aspects including panel discussions, networking, presentations etc.

 Even though VC’s / fund raising is an interesting topic for many (most?) the other topic is “how to build/expand/grow/internationalize” a growth company. More case studies / panel discussions and thoughts around this would be valuable.

Anders Tormod, PocketMobile Communications AB



“In today’s knowledge based global economy, it’s no longer about going up the learning curve but rather jumping the learning curve.   The Red Herring Asia Top 100 forum provided an insightful platform where game-changing companies, VCs and industry specialists could come together and leverage from their collective wisdom.”

Zibber Mohiuddin, PRING



“First of all thanks for giving Privalia the opportunity to participate in the prestigious Red Herring Awards. We feel proud of being part of it and we’re using extensively this recognition on specialized communication. 

Regarding your request, let me give you some hints:


* The selection of companies was really good. Almost all of them offered new ideas and technologies showing a healthy innovation environment.

* Is probably impossible to perfectly understand each technology and business model in a 10 minutes speech, but the guidelines Red Herring gave us and the excellent work of the moderator helped a lot on following up all of them


* the description of the participants in the handbook was not ideal in order to choose the lectures with better fit with our needs. For a company like us is complex to select them, specially when we mix so different concepts (IT, Marketing, payment, …. solutions). I would suggest to be more precise and to send the summary, if possible, before the meeting

* Aligned with this, would be interesting to groupe the different companies around a specific Industry (IT, Distribution, Transport…). This would help to attend to more proposals linked with topics related with your business


* the place was very nice. However I’m not sure if would be more suitable to do it in a larger conventions center close to the Airport so most of us just came for a few hours. On the other side, the hotel location and the hotel itself was really amazing.

Tony Batllo, Privalia



“Thank you for the opportunity for Relaxbirth Ltd to participate in the Amsterdam event.  We greatly appreciate your decision to select us one of the winners  for the Red Herring Top 100 Europe – we regard it as an important recognition of our work!

We enjoyed a lot of the good atmosphere, presentations and meeting new inspiring people:  you, investors and other entrepreneurs/directors. Everything was very well organized! 

Next time it would be useful to have some pre-agreed presentations to the investors focusing on life science, if possible.

We look forward to receive possible further information about Red Herring Top 100 Global event & competition.

Marianne Ehrnrooth (CBDO), Relaxbirth Ltd



“Its a nice platform to showcase an innovative company or startup company to the relevant world, which includes VC and others. Also a great opportunity to watch what other start ups or innvative technological companies are doing, how they are reaching out their target groups, how they are thinking and so on. ”

Md Rezaul Hassan, REVE Systems


“Good meeting with valuable thought-ware offered from the panel. But maybe the best value came from the networking with other companies/nominees during the breaks. We found customers and investors for some of our new Red Herring-friends and we will probably do business with some of them.”

Per Ostlund, Roxen Internet Software



“Very impressed with the quality of the event – both in terms of panel discussions and presenting companies. Would love to participate in future events. In terms of suggestions, it would be great to have presenting companies sorted by room/time slot rather than in alphabetical order.”

Andre Bliznyuk, Runa Capital



“The quality of ideas, companies and personalities at Red Herring Europe 2012 was awesome! – This event made you feel what a great pleasure it is to be a technology innovator changing lives of millions of people. Besides it provided us an easy and direct access to some of the most successful investors sharing our breathtaking vision. We are very proud that Shopgate belongs to the winners of this award!”

Andrea Anderheggen, Shopgate



“Red Herring Europe is one of the best opportunity to meet with leading startups in Europe. It is also a good place for being challenged by some of the most successful European entrepreneurs and for comparing our business with others.”

Remi Charrier, StereoTools SA



“Good event. It deserved a better venue though – Central HK would have been nice!

It was very rewarding to meet other entrepreneurs – great peer learning opportunity.

Some of the industry/VC speakers were excellent, some were average. Overall, a B+.

Not sure how much jury value was really added during the company presentations.

90% of attendees were participants. Is there a way to make this into a real conference with exciting content and attract regular attendees? And have the awards as one of the highlights of the event? (As opposed to being THE event).

Santanu Paul, TalentSprint Education Services



“The Red Herring Asia Top 100 event for 2012 is the first Red Herring Event I have had the pleasure of attending. While I have participated in many tech-Venture events in the recent  past, I found the Red Herring event to be refreshingly different.  A notable difference was the focus of discussion on how businesses should position and organize themselves to be successful rather than purely discussing the investment environment and expectations. I found the breadth of topics covered were very relevant and informative. I believe we achieved a maximum impact for a two day event.

Further, the short listed companies did possess the pedigree required to be  in a short list and the networking opportunity presented was rare, in that, it was a group of like minded people focused on achieving common goals. Hence I found several opportunities to collaborate and partner with the participants.

Mithila Mendis, thinkCube Pte Ltd



“Thanks for a great event, and getting the chance to be part of it.

The quality of participants was impressive in the European event, and the athmosphere in the event was truly magical!

After being selected as a winner, there has been surprisingly many companies reaching out to us, from different countries across the world. This has concretely helped us to open new business opportunities more rapidly.

 We feel honored… And you guys rock!

Terhi Johanna Vapola, UNIQOTEQ Ltd



“This event was not only a great networking opportunity. It was also very inspirational and it was great to hear what is top of mind for entrepreneurs and investors. But the highlight was to see presentations of a group of very fine companies in Europe. ”

Thomas Wittig, UNITY Mobile



“2012 Asia Top 100 was highly competitive with oversubscribed quality entities and million based revenue companies e.g. Apple Toons and Xiaomi competing. With this environment, the quality of the conversations, deals and awards this year to my opinon was well achieved. V-Key won with it’s innovation and invention towards securing next generation mobile applications. ”

Benjamin Mah, V-KEY INC



“Inspiring, interesting, innovative companies and well organized!

Thank you!

Casper Hassoe Nielsen, Velocytech



“It was great to visit Herring family after many years.

Plenty of interesting companies involved – gives a great insight on what’s going on in europe.

The editorial content was insightful as always.

The event lacked from ‘captiveness’ due to central ams location and the fact that the hotel was pricey for start-up executives (and me as well), which caused people to slip away rather than spending time networking at the location.

Jussi Harvela, Veturi Venture Accelerator



“For companies in the Technology space , winning Red Herring is a big achievement .  ”

Dippak Khurana, Vserv Digital Services Private Ltd ( Vserv.mobi)



“Gathering so many innovative companies in a single location at the same time was a tremendous achievement. Congratulations to Red Herring for that.

Being a finalist is already a great honor for any company. Being then  applauded as part of the “Red Herring 100 Europe” is real a magic moment. The accolade comes as a recognition of all my staff dedication.

Philippe David, Welcome Real-time



“I thought the event was quite nice. Had the opportunity to hear from companies in several different fields, so it was quite interesting.”

Ziv Kedem, Zerto



“I was impressed by the quality of the presentations — particularly from those who were communicating using a second language. I found myself intrigued and newly inspired every 15 minutes as I listened to executives from around the globe explain what their company was doing to change the world.”

Damon Hess, Pervasive Displays Inc.



“The event was very well planned and professionally done. The quality of companies there was phenomenal. We were very honored to be part of the finalist.”

Bruce Malyon, MaxxVault LLC



“An inspiring and ambitious environment is created by Red Herring.”

Casper Hassoe Nielsen, Velocytech



“I was really impressed with the quality of the speakers and particularly the participating companies. Most extremely interesting and innovative across a range of industries. The networking with CEOs and founders was very productive and enjoyable.” 

Claus J. Nehmzow, 3D Avatar School Ltd.



 “I have attended several such events in the last few years and have won several awards but this one is special. I cannot imagine the hard work you and your team have put in to make this happen. It was great to win but the real value is in meeting so many exciting companies and the people who run them all over the world.”

Kiran Babu Chandra, Prelude Sys



 “This is my second Red Herring Top 100 competition and I was really impressed with both.  At the first one, I met a potential investor who ended up making an offer to invest in our company.  Both events were filled with excellent presenters and panels who were discussing many things that were of value to my company and me.  If nominated again, I would definitely attend again.”

Gord Boyce, ForeScout Technologies



 “This is an excellent meeting format and a good way to share experiences with other Executives and companies with similar experiences.”

 Lloyd Diamond, BONESUPPORT



 “It always impresses me how well Alex truly knows and understands entrepreneur’s situations and challenges. Many times when he is talking, it was as if he was talking directly to our team, knowing exactly what we need to do to excel in this type of industry.”

Eric Yang, TutorGroup



 “Excellent.  I couldn’t be more satisfied for spending my full day at the event.”

Venkat Mattela, Redpine Signals,Inc.



 “These 2 days along side with the Red Herring finalist was priceless!

As a manager that runs a software start up and spend most of his time in techies events, you need these kind of conferences to associate you with people like yourself who are experiencing the same challenges. The keynotes were extremely focused and provided us with a good sense that we should build our business and keep it running.”

Shlomi Ben Haim, JFrog



Well run event with interesting companies from around the world.  No investor, prospects or press present – which reduces the value to us of attending – although we are certainly honored to be recognized as a Top 100 Global Private Company.  We were not able to attend the editorial content due to customer requirements.

Joelle Kaufman, BloomReach