Europe 2012 Presenting Companies

The following finalists are presenting at the event.  The top 100 will be selected after all the presentations are scored.  The Top 100 Winners will be announced April 25 at a special award ceremony at the Red Herrung Europe Forum.

Company Name Company Industry
360Cities 360Cities Internet & Services
Abionic SA Abionic SA Biosciences/Biomedical
Acronis GmBh Acronis GmBh Computers/Software/Technology
Air Sense Wireless Air Sense Wireless Entertainment & Media Limited Limited Internet & Services
Almira Labs Almira Labs Communications
Anagnostics Bioanalysis Anagnostics Bioanalysis Life Sciences
Analytics SEO Ltd Analytics SEO Ltd SaaS
ATG Media ATG Media Marketing/Advertising/PR
Atosho Atosho Internet & Services
Avangate Holding Avangate Holding Software
Avantium Avantium CleanTech
Avecto Ltd Avecto Ltd Computers/Software/Technology
AwoX AwoX Hardware
Biognosys AG Biognosys AG Life Sciences
Bipper Bipper Mobile
Blippar Blippar Marketing/Advertising/PR
Blueprinter Blueprinter Engineering
borro Ltd. borro Ltd. Finance/Banking/Brokerage
Brandwatch Brandwatch SaaS
Brevo AB Brevo AB Internet & Services
Broadpeak Broadpeak Telecommunications
CertiVox UK Limited CertiVox UK Limited Computers/Software/Technology
CloudMe CloudMe Internet & Services
ClusterSeven ClusterSeven Software
Cognitive Maps Ltd Cognitive Maps Ltd Entertainment & Media
ColorChip ColorChip Semiconductor
Comenxa Group Comenxa Group Software
Compario Compario Computers/Software/Technology
Cozy Games Limited Cozy Games Limited Entertainment & Media
cXense AS cXense AS SaaS
DarQRoom DarQRoom Internet & Services
DCisions DCisions Finance/Banking/Brokerage
Debriefing Software A/S Debriefing Software A/S SaaS
DigiFlex Ltd. DigiFlex Ltd. Computers/Software/Technology
Digital Legends Entertainment SL Digital Legends Entertainment SL Entertainment & Media
DigitalRoute AB DigitalRoute AB Computers/Software/Technology
Docia (Byggeweb) Docia (Byggeweb) IT Consulting & Services
dukaPC ApS dukaPC ApS Computers/Software/Technology
eCircle eCircle Marketing/Advertising/PR
Ekogen Oy Ekogen Oy Energy
EngageSciences EngageSciences Internet & Services
Epicrystals Epicrystals Optoelectronics
Escrow Alliance BV Escrow Alliance BV Computers/Software/Technology
eToro eToro Finance/Banking/Brokerage
EyeClick Ltd. EyeClick Ltd. Entertainment & Media
eYeka eYeka Marketing/Advertising/PR
eyeP Media SA eyeP Media SA Communications
Fashiolista Fashiolista Social Network/Media
FXI Technologies FXI Technologies Hardware
Gameforge AG Gameforge AG Entertainment & Media
GigaSpaces Technologies GigaSpaces Technologies Computers/Software/Technology
glispa GmbH glispa GmbH Marketing/Advertising/PR
Green Man Gaming Ltd Green Man Gaming Ltd Entertainment & Media
GreenPeak Technologies GreenPeak Technologies Semiconductor
Hailo Hailo Mobile
Helpten Helpten Internet & Services
Hibox Systems Ltd Hibox Systems Ltd Computers/Software/Technology
Hippo BV Hippo BV Computers/Software/Technology
HR Matching AG HR Matching AG Internet & Services
HyperIn Inc. HyperIn Inc. SaaS
Imatia Imatia Software
Improve Digital Improve Digital Computers/Software/Technology
In4mo Ltd In4mo Ltd SaaS
Intersec Intersec Software
Intuitive Business Intelligence Intuitive Business Intelligence Computers/Software/Technology
iQsim iQsim Telecommunications
Ironroad AB Ironroad AB Mobile
ISIS Papyrus Software ISIS Papyrus Software Computers/Software/Technology
Kiosked Ltd Kiosked Ltd Computers/Software/Technology
Klarna Klarna Finance/Banking/Brokerage
Laboratorios AlphaSIP Laboratorios AlphaSIP Biosciences/Biomedical
LeadDesk LeadDesk Software
magnetU magnetU Mobile
Mapflow Mapflow SaaS
MeVEA Ltd. MeVEA Ltd. Computers/Software/Technology
mexad mexad Marketing/Advertising/PR
Miracor Medical Systems Miracor Medical Systems Life Sciences
Miradore Ltd Miradore Ltd Computers/Software/Technology
Mobango Ltd Mobango Ltd Mobile
Mobile Identity Mobile Identity Software
Mobile Tag Mobile Tag Computers/Software/Technology
Modz Ltd Modz Ltd Life Sciences
Morflora Morflora Biosciences/Biomedical
MotilityCount Aps MotilityCount Aps Biosciences/Biomedical
mxData mxData Computers/Software/Technology
NaviExpert Ltd NaviExpert Ltd Mobile
Neos SpA Neos SpA Mobile
NetBreeze GmbH NetBreeze GmbH Internet & Services
NETpeas NETpeas Security
Network Critical Solutions Ltd Network Critical Solutions Ltd Hardware
Neul Ltd Neul Ltd Telecommunications
NeuString NeuString Telecommunications
NewVoiceMedia Ltd NewVoiceMedia Ltd SaaS
Nordeus Nordeus Software
NovaStor Software AG NovaStor Software AG Software
NovImmune SA NovImmune SA Biosciences/Biomedical
OnApp OnApp Computers/Software/Technology
op5 AB op5 AB Computers/Software/Technology
OpenGamma OpenGamma Computers/Software/Technology
Ovelin Ovelin Software Internet & Services
PocketMobile Communications PocketMobile Communications Mobile
Preview Networks ApS Preview Networks ApS Internet & Services
Privalia Privalia Internet & Services
Quality Online BV Quality Online BV Computers/Software/Technology
QuBit QuBit Internet & Services
Quimron GmbH Quimron GmbH Software
Realtime Technology AG Realtime Technology AG  Computers/Software/Technology
Relaxbirth Ltd. Relaxbirth Ltd. Life Sciences
RockeTalk Inc RockeTalk Inc Social Network/Media
Romonet Ltd. Romonet Ltd. Software
Roxen Holding AB Roxen Holding AB Software
Senseg Senseg Computers/Software/Technology
Serious Games Interactive Serious Games Interactive Entertainment & Media
Setera Oy Setera Oy Telecommunications
Severalnines AB Severalnines AB Software
Shopgate GmbH Shopgate GmbH Mobile
Siklu Communication Ltd. Siklu Communication Ltd. Telecommunications
Siverge Networks Ltd. Siverge Networks Ltd. Semiconductor
SkyDox LTD SkyDox LTD Computers/Software/Technology
sonic emotion ag sonic emotion ag Entertainment & Media
StereoTools SA StereoTools SA Biosciences/Biomedical
STYLIGHT GmbH STYLIGHT GmbH Internet & Services
Suomen Verkkomaksut Suomen Verkkomaksut Finance/Banking/Brokerage
TagMan TagMan Internet & Services
TAGSYS RFID TAGSYS RFID Computers/Software/Technology
Telerik Telerik Computers/Software/Technology
Terria Mobile Terria Mobile Mobile
TestPlant Limited TestPlant Limited Computers/Software/Technology
ThingLink ThingLink Social Network/Media
ThirdPresence ThirdPresence Computers/Software/Technology
Trovus – White Label Intelligence Trovus – White Label Intelligence Computers/Software/Technology
UIU Ltd. UIU Ltd. Mobile
UNIQOTEQ Ltd UNIQOTEQ Ltd Computers/Software/Technology
UNITY Mobile UNITY Mobile Software
Unruly Media Ltd Unruly Media Ltd Social Network/Media
Velocytech Aps Velocytech Aps Other
Welcome Real-time Welcome Real-time Computers/Software/Technology
Wimdu Wimdu Internet & Services
WOT Services Oy WOT Services Oy Internet & Services
XMLdation Ltd XMLdation Ltd SaaS
ZBD Displays Ltd ZBD Displays Ltd Computers/Software/Technology
ZeroTurnaround ZeroTurnaround Computers/Software/Technology
Zerto Ltd. Zerto Ltd. Software
Zitra GmbH Zitra GmbH Internet & Services
Zitralia Seguridad Informatica Zitralia Seguridad Informatica Computers/Software/Technology