2014 Red Herring Europe: Finalists

Company  Country Industry Sector
23 Snaps Ltd United Kingdom Social Media
2operate ApS Denmark Telecommunications
ActLight  Switzerland Other
Actual Experience Ltd. United Kingdom Internet/Online
Adbrain United Kingdom Mobile
adQuota Int. Denmark Mobile
Adra Match Norway Cloud Computing
Adtelligence Germany Software
ADVENTORI France Internet/Online
Adways France Cloud Computing
afrimarket France Other
agnion energy GmbH Germany Clean Tech
Agnitio Denmark Life Sciences/Biotech
Agreement24 Sweden Professional Services
All Square Luxembourg Internet/Online
Altair Semiconductor Israel Hardware
Annelutfen Turkey Internet/Online
APATEQ Luxembourg Clean Tech
AppGyver Finland Software
Appical BV Netherlands Professional Services
AppLift Germany Mobile
Appsee Israel Mobile
ARS NOVA SYSTEMS France Software
asap54 United Kingdom Mobile
Auctions Online Scandinavia Sweden Internet/Online
Audio-3D Labs United Kingdom Software
Avansera Finland Big Data/Storage
AyoxxA Biosystems GmbH Germany Life Sciences/Biotech
azeti Networks AG Germany Cloud Computing
B.I.S. Advanced Software Israel Software
Backbone Connect Limited United Kingdom Internet/Online
Bewons Company S.r.l. Italy Social Media
BioLamina Sweden Life Sciences/Biotech
BIONEXT France Life Sciences/Biotech
Bioservo Technologies Sweden Life Sciences/Biotech
Bizagi United Kingdom Software
BizOnRate d.o.o. Slovenia Banking/M&A
Bliu Bliu Lithuania Entertainment & Media
Bloom.fm United Kingdom Entertainment & Media
Bluwan France Telecommunications
Bonitasoft France Software
BonjourBonjour France Mobile
Bonnyprints Germany Internet/Online
BOOLINO Spain Entertainment & Media
Boomlagoon Finland Gaming
Buzzoek Netherlands Cloud Computing
ByHours.com Spain Internet/Online
CambridgeBroadbandNetworks United Kingdom Telecommunications
Canonical United Kingdom Software
Captain Dash France Big Data/Storage
Captify United Kingdom Marketing/Advertising/SOE
Captio Spain Internet/Online
Cardwise NV Belgium Cloud Computing
Cashcloud AG Switzerland Other
CBTec Oy (Eliademy) Finland Internet/Online
Changers.com/Blacksquared Germany Internet/Online
ChangeYourFlight Spain Internet/Online
Checkmarx Israel Security
Chelsea Apps Factory  United Kingdom Clean Tech
Choice Technologies  Luxembourg Cloud Computing
Ciiva Switzerland Cloud Computing
Clansman Netherlands Internet/Online
Clic and Walk France Mobile
Cloud9 Mobile  United Kingdom Telecommunications
Cloudhouse United Kingdom Cloud Computing
Cloudmore AB Sweden Cloud Computing
Codership Finland Software
colwiz Ireland Software
ContactLab srl Italy Other
CoolaData Israel Big Data/Storage
Covagen AG Switzerland Pharma
Crimtan United Kingdom Marketing/Advertising/SOE
CROSSJECT France Pharma
Crowdynews Netherlands Social Media
dacadoo Switzerland Internet/Online
Diktamen Oy Finland Cloud Computing
Direct2Internet Nordic AB Sweden Internet/Online
DynAdmic France Marketing/Advertising/SOE
Dynamic Yield Israel Internet/Online
EBS Technologies GmbH Germany Medical Devices
EDSI-Tech SÕ_rl Switzerland Mobile
eLeader Poland Software
Enigmedia Spain Security
eSellerPro United Kingdom Software
Essence United Kingdom Marketing/Advertising/SOE
Everything.me Israel Mobile
Expertmaker Sweden Cloud Computing
ExpoPromoter United Kingdom Internet/Online
Extreme Reality, Ltd. Israel Software
eyeSight Technologies Ltd. Israel Software
FAMOCO France Other
Fasterize France Cloud Computing
FastFixT Netherlands Other
Faveeo SA Switzerland Internet/Online
Feedvisor Israel Cloud Computing
Fenergo Ireland Software
Fiabee Spain Cloud Computing
Fingersoft Oy Finland Gaming
Flash Networks Israel Telecommunications
Fon Spain Telecommunications
Foodzy Netherlands Other
FRISS Netherlands Software
FrogJam Ltd United Kingdom Internet/Online
fundedbyme Sweden Clean Tech
Genius Digital United Kingdom Clean Tech
Ginger Software Israel Software
GIROPTIC France Hardware
GLOWBL France Social Media
Gvidi Russia Internet/Online
Halcyon Mobile Romania Mobile
Hibox Systems Oy Ab Finland Software
HiproCall, Inc. United States Internet/Online
Hoodin Sweden Social Media
Hoosh Technology  Switzerland Marketing/Advertising/SOE
HopitalWeb France Life Sciences/Biotech
i-DENTITY Belgium Internet/Online
I-TRACING France Security
idemama.com Turkey Marketing/Advertising/SOE
imonomy Israel Marketing/Advertising/SOE
indoo.rs Austria Software
Indoor Atlas Ltd. Finland Cloud Computing
Infectious Media United Kingdom Marketing/Advertising/SOE
ininal Turkey Other
InnoTel AB Sweden Telecommunications
inRiver Sweden Software
INSOFT  Romania Software
interact.io Germany Cloud Computing
Invesdor Finland Venture Capital/Investing
InvoiceSharing Netherlands Internet/Online
IQSIM France Telecommunications
ironSource Israel Software
ITAnalyzer Israel Software
Ixchelsis Limited United Kingdom Life Sciences/Biotech
IXL Bancorp Ltd United Kingdom Banking/M&A
justAd Israel Marketing/Advertising/SOE
KIWI.KI GmbH Germany Hardware
KMS lighthouse Israel Software
Komfo Denmark Software
Lecturio GmbH Germany Entertainment & Media
LifePay Russia Other
LinguaLeo Russia Software
Localsensor Netherlands Marketing/Advertising/SOE
MADGIC France Mobile
Maeglin Software France Mobile
Magisto Israel Mobile
MANGOPAY France Internet/Online
Markafoni Turkey Internet/Online
Massive Analytic Ltd United Kingdom Big Data/Storage
MassiveImpact Israel Marketing/Advertising/SOE
Maverick by Appforma Israel Marketing/Advertising/SOE
Medtep Spain Cloud Computing
Meniga Iceland Software
MENUSPRING United Kingdom Other
MessageBird Netherlands Entertainment & Media
Metronet (UK)  United Kingdom Internet/Online
Meynadier  UAE Professional Services
Mileways Germany Mobile
Mining Essential France Software
mobiLead France Cloud Computing
mobilike Turkey Mobile
MOFILM United Kingdom Entertainment & Media
Movea France Mobile
Mubaloo United Kingdom Mobile
Musement Italy Internet/Online
Musopia Finland Mobile
MyPermissions Israel Security
Nanoplas  France Hardware
Natural Security Alliance France Other
NearMe Services Ltd Finland Marketing/Advertising/SOE
Netalizer Ltd. Israel Mobile
Netsparker Ltd United Kingdom Security
Newscron SA Switzerland Mobile
Nexstim Oy Finland Medical Devices
Nexthink Switzerland Software
Nexway France Cloud Computing
NGDATA Belgium Big Data/Storage
NORIGIN MEDIA Norway Software
Ocean Outdoor United Kingdom Entertainment & Media
Omada A/S Denmark Security
Omikron Data Quality GmnH Germany Internet/Online
OpenCloud Ltd United Kingdom Telecommunications
OpenNode LLC Estonia Cloud Computing
PanzerGlass ApS Denmark Hardware
Parantez Turkey Banking/M&A
Timesulin United Kingdom Medical Devices
Paytop France Mobile
Peecho Netherlands Clean Tech
Petrostreamz AS Norway Software
Piceasoft Ltd. Finland Software
PinMeTo Sweden Cloud Computing
Pitcher AG Switzerland Cloud Computing
playence Spain Other
Pontis Israel Telecommunications
Prepaid Finanical United Kingdom Other
Prisync Turkey Software
Progenitor Labs United Kingdom Pharma
Pronto Israel Internet/Online
Qapa France Internet/Online
Qhaceshoy? Spain Mobile
Quandoo GmbH Germany Internet/Online
Quanta Fluid Solutions United Kingdom Medical Devices
radarbar Spain Mobile
RADIONOMY Belgium Internet/Online
Rated People United Kingdom Internet/Online
Razor Communications Limited Ireland Internet/Online
Reach-U (Regio) Estonia Software
RealMatch Israel Internet/Online
Recite me United Kingdom Software
ResponseTap United Kingdom Software
RISK made in warsaw Poland Other
Rivo Software Limited United Kingdom Software
ROMO Wind Switzerland Clean Tech
Route Monkey Limited United Kingdom Clean Tech
Run my Accounts AG Switzerland Professional Services
Runteq Finland Consumer Electronics
Rushcast Sweden Entertainment & Media
Safer Place Israel Other
Saguna Networks Israel Mobile
Secure Mailbox AB Sweden Cloud Computing
SGP Technologies SA Switzerland Hardware
Shopcade United Kingdom Other
Shopit Online Europe AB Sweden Internet/Online
Sian’s Plan United Kingdom Internet/Online
SignWise Estonia Security
Simplifydigital United Kingdom Software
SingOn  Finland Entertainment & Media
Smarp Oy Finland Cloud Computing
SN4Mobile ltd. Finland Software
Snowfire AB Sweden Cloud Computing
SoftKinetic Belgium Consumer Electronics
Sol Voltaics Sweden Clean Tech
SOPSY / ZET.COM Turkey Internet/Online
SponsorPay Germany Mobile
Squla Netherlands Other
Starmind International AG Switzerland Software
StoreDot Israel Consumer Electronics
StreetHub United Kingdom Internet/Online
SuperAwesome United Kingdom Marketing/Advertising/SOE
Swyx Solutions AG Germany Cloud Computing
TallyFox Switzerland Clean Tech
Tasit Com Bilgi Hizmetleri  Turkey Internet/Online
Taxibeat United Kingdom Mobile
Teads France Marketing/Advertising/SOE
Teevity France Cloud Computing
Teralytics AG Switzerland Software
Tespack Oy Finland Clean Tech
Testbirds GmbH Germany Internet/Online
The Institution JSPM AB Sweden Mobile
ThetaRay Israel Security
ticketscript Netherlands Software
tictail Sweden Marketing/Advertising/SOE
Tikle (Arti Teknoloji) Turkey Telecommunications
Tilkee France Cloud Computing
Tinubu Square France Software
tinyclues France Other
Tmob Turkey Software
Toothpick United Kingdom Internet/Online
TradeMachines FI GmbH Germany Internet/Online
TranslateMedia United Kingdom Professional Services
Tresorit Hungary Cloud Computing
Triboo spa Italy Internet/Online
Trustly Group AB Sweden Software
Twibfy Netherlands Social Media
ULOCS Sweden Consumer Electronics
Unicheck Srl Italy Marketing/Advertising/SOE
Valopaa Ltd. Finland Clean Tech
VeliQ BV Netherlands Cloud Computing
VESTORO France Internet/Online
VI-CLONE IBERICA Spain Cloud Computing
videantis Germany Hardware
Viewsy United Kingdom Big Data/Storage
Vinted Lithuania Internet/Online
Virtusize AB Sweden Internet/Online
VisionsConnected Netherlands Telecommunications
Vivocha S.p.A Italy Cloud Computing
VOOLEWOO Sweden Mobile
Voys Netherlands Telecommunications
We Are Pop Up United Kingdom Internet/Online
Webforum Europe AB Sweden Software
Wedo Shopping United Kingdom Internet/Online
Weroom France Internet/Online
Withings France Consumer Electronics
Wonder Place Ltd. United Kingdom Entertainment & Media
XbyMe Global Ltd United Kingdom Marketing/Advertising/SOE
Xpandion Israel Software
Youlapse Oy (Ltd) Finland Software
Zamir Telecom United Kingdom Telecommunications
ZEEF.com Netherlands Marketing/Advertising/SOE
zertisa GmbH Germany Software
ZOOM International  Czech Republic Software