Agnitio is no novice when it comes to closed-loop marketing: the Danish company, which also has offices in the U.S., Brazil, China, the U.K., Mexico and Japan, has been in the business for over 13 years, providing its services for the life sciences industry – and only the life sciences industry.

First, to the lay reader, closed-loop marketing is that which relies on data from closed-loop reporting. “‘Closing the loop’ just means that sales teams report to marketing about what happened to the leads that they received, which helps marketing understand their best and worst lead sources,” writes tech expert Pamela Vaughan.

“To be an effective marketer, however, you need to be able to tie every single lead, customer, and dollar back to the marketing initiative that created them,” adds Vaughan. “This is how marketers can prove their worth and understand how to more efficiently reach their audience.”

Agnitio serves customers in over 80 countries and 25 languages, proving its expertise in the field. Last year, the firm achieved 13,000 new licenses for customers including Bayer and Amgen. And the number of agencies using Agnitio’s CLM leapt to 180. Customer support was also working hard, with 99%, or 8402, of requests solved.

But that was last year. 2014 has been the year of Rainmaker, Agnitio’s new software, that it claims offers “a completely fresh approach to communication.” The product required over 20,000 man-hours to create, according to CEO and founder Morten Hjelmsø. “It’s a major leap forward for us – and the industry,” he says. “It moves the boundaries of CLM and shifts the focus from the sales reps to all stakes holders by using all available communication channels.”

By Rainmaker’s Barcelona launch in March, it had already gathered almost 400 signups. Hjelmsø is pleased with progress, and says that the company’s very ethos is to continue growing and adding new companies and agencies. “We are also dedicated to providing our high-value insights to our partners so they can receive the optimal value out of the data they are pulling back through the technology, in order to maximum their return on their investment in us and our technologies,” he adds.

In April 2012, Agnitio separated its content development business, Anthill – which focusses solely on the creation of new leading CLM solutions. And come the end of 2014, Agnitio expects revenue growth of almost 100% from last year, on a company that, from inception, has been completely self-funded. “The traditional CLM market is maturing, but still reflects healthy growth,” says Hjelmsø. “It is an attractive sector for a number of specialized, as well as large players, who are entering the traditional CLM domain.

“Our focus as a market leader is to constantly evolve the market through the creation of new opportunities,” he adds. “We are optimistic about our, as well as the industry’s, future.”