Is Tech Lefthandist?

Today is International Lefthanders Day. Left-handed people of old never had such a celebration. Just centuries previously, should you have picked up a pen (or quill) with your left hand, you might…

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As America Looks Inwards, Canada Opens its Arms to Tech

As US president Donald Trump spoke of a “survival of the West” in Warsaw yesterday, Canada’s tech leaders were counting their chips. The country’s tech market has been enjoying a boom of…

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Tour de France 2017: The Best Cycling Gadgets

The biggest cycling event of the year begins in under a week. But before the world’s greatest riders line up in Düsseldorf on July 1, then snake their way for three weeks…

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Yesss! How Axel and Boris Aren’t Your Average German Tech Investors

According to Axel and Boris’ LinkedIn account (they share one), they are based in Berlin, Copenhagen, Liechtenstein, Stockholm and Monterrey. Neither are they merely entrepreneurs, but ‘visionaries’, keen to inject their particular…

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Travis Kalanick’s Uber Removal: Tech’s Worst CEOs

Yesterday Uber’s investors declared they had had enough of CEO Travis Kalanick, forcing the embattled entrepreneur to step down as the ride-share giant’s leader. Kalanick had been mired in accusations of sexist…

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Kalanick’s Dramatic Uber Departure: Too Little, Too Late

First, a disclaimer: losing a parent is a horrendous and painful ordeal. We at Red Herring do not want to lose sight of the grief and loss Travis Kalanick must still be feeling,…

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All Hail the Unicorn Maker: Is SoftBank’s Vision Fund Good for Tech?

Masayoshi Son has always been a bit of a gambler. In 2000, during the first dot com bubble, the 59-year-old SoftBank founder lost a record $70 billion. Undeterred, he continued with his…

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On May Day, Three of Tech’s Biggest Labor Controversies

Today is International Workers’ Day, celebrated from as far afield as London, Lahore and Lebanon. And while the roots of the holiday date back to a socialist and communist movement in 1886 Chicago,…

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Britain’s Election Promises Stability – But Specter of Brexit Keeps it Away

Brexit continues to dominate European news. France’s lurch away from established political parties was greeted in the UK as much with trepidation as excitement, as finalist Presidential candidates Marine Le Pen and…

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Net Neutrality is a Fight for the Future of America’s Economy

More likely than not, we will soon wave goodbye to net neutrality. Ajit Pai and his new FCC administration have made it clear they want to scrap the concept. An outcry from…

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