On May Day, Three of Tech’s Biggest Labor Controversies

Today is International Workers’ Day, celebrated from as far afield as London, Lahore and Lebanon. And while the roots of the holiday date back to a socialist and communist movement in 1886 Chicago,…

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Britain’s Election Promises Stability – But Specter of Brexit Keeps it Away

Brexit continues to dominate European news. France’s lurch away from established political parties was greeted in the UK as much with trepidation as excitement, as finalist Presidential candidates Marine Le Pen and…

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Net Neutrality is a Fight for the Future of America’s Economy

More likely than not, we will soon wave goodbye to net neutrality. Ajit Pai and his new FCC administration have made it clear they want to scrap the concept. An outcry from…

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Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 5.34.26 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-13 at 5.34.26 PM

Red Herring Announces Top 100 Europe 2017 Finalists

Red Herring has announced the finalists for its Top 100 Europe event, to be held this month in Amsterdam. The conference, which will run between April 24 and 26 at the Dutch capital’s…

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Anna Bai_Appodeal EUAnna Bai_Appodeal EU

Appodeal Europe Chief Baidachnaya: 2017 “Transformative” for Mobile

Anna Baidachnaya is the Barcelona-based, head of Europe for Appodeal, a San Francisco-headquartered app monetization platform that has won $3.26 million in funding since its 2015 foundation in Russia. Baidachnaya speaks to Red…

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CeBIT Showcases Japanese Innovation in Germany

CeBIT, Europe’s biggest digital economy conferences, has begun today in the German city of Hannover. And among a packed schedule, which comprises dozens of the industry’s sectors, organizers are hoping to showcase…

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Heili CEO Weissmann: “At Some Point the Founders Need to Get Off the Stage”

Before Israeli entrepreneur Naor Weissmann founded cloud AI startup Heili, in April 2015, he was consulting other startups on their storage issues. The data industry had gone through a dramatic transition: where…

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Musk’s Moon Ambitions Outpace Any Other

By the time Howard Hughes built his H-4 Hercules flying boat, also known as the ‘Spruce Goose’, he was an engineering prodigy, having leveraged a fortune and innovated radios, aviation and other…

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Tech Leaders Rebuke Trump’s Travel Ban

Leaders across Silicon Valley have condemned President Donald Trump’s latest immigration rules, which have resulted in derision and protests in the United States and beyond. The executive orders, which suspend refugees from entering…

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Here Are the Biggest Tech Stories of 2017

Few years have polarized public opinion as the one about to end. 2016 has seen political upheaval, heightened conflict and a sense, generally, that the things we once took for granted aren’t…

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