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Bitcoin’s volatility continues as cryptocurrency suffers turbulent fortnight


It's been yet another turbulent fortnight for Bitcoin, the crypto-currency that's either the best or worst thing in the world right now, depending on your news source. A headline from Stanford University reads 'Stanford scholars say Bitcoin offers promise, peril'. That about sums it up at the moment. News has been breaking thick and fast on … [Read more...]

How will Facebook’s $19bn WhatsApp deal affect the mobile messaging market?


Facebook’s $19 billion deal to buy mobile messaging company WhatsApp raised more than eyebrows. Valuations in the mobile messaging market have increased, and a bright spotlight has been shone upon the companies competing in it. Investors now try to work out where the next multi-billion dollar messaging app will come from and rivalry in the sector … [Read more...]

Facebook to buy WhatsApp for $19 billion

fb whatsapp

Facebook has agreed to buy mobile messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion, the two companies have announced. The social media giant will pay $4 billion in cash and approximately $12 billion in Facebook shares for WhatsApp. A further $3 billion will be paid to WhatsApp founders and employees in restricted shares. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has … [Read more...]

Budapest blossoms with tech talent despite government red tape

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Múvelódesi Szint - aka Müszi - is a community space and co-working initiative right in the heart of Budapest, Hungary's capital. In it, young tech innovators sit back in reclaimed furniture, drink mug upon mug of coffee and lead a revolution in the city's economy. It might sound like your everyday afternoon in, say, Berlin or London. But in … [Read more...]

Bluebox Security launches out of stealth with data-securing solution

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Bluebox Security has emerged from stealth mode with a mobile security solution that prioritizes securing data over devices or applications. In this, the company diverges from traditional mobile device and application managers. The San Francisco startup, which has been innovating under cover since 2012, just raised an $18 million Series B funding … [Read more...]

Weekly digest: Alibaba wants AutoNavi, Jawbone raising massive round, Lenovo’s $10 billion revenue


Alibaba closes in on AutoNavi Alibaba is after the rest of AutoNavi, a Beijing mapping and navigation company. China’s e-commerce emperor already owns 28 percent of AutoNavi, a stake which came from a $294 million investment poured in last May. As for the other 72 percent of the company, Alibaba is reportedly willing to offer between $1.13-$1.17 … [Read more...]

Flappy Bird made $50k a day – but owner pulls it from app store


Mobile app and viral sensation Flappy Bird, which for a time capped free app charts on app stores, has been killed off by its developer. The story of the Flappy Bird game begins and ends with Dong Nguyen, its creator. The Hanoi-based game maker of dotGears Studios launched the game on the iTunes App Store in May 2013, where it remained in relative … [Read more...]

Warsaw and Krakow battle for Poland’s exciting startup community


Poland's startup scene, like its economy, is booming. Fueled by high levels of innovation, low costs and a strong talent pool, the country stands poised to become one of Europe's digital heavyweights. But below the headlines, competition brews between its two largest cities, Warsaw and Krakow. Both want to become home to the country's next … [Read more...]

Weekly Digest: Happy Birthday Facebook, Sony to sell Vaio business, and trouble for Twitter


Facebook is 10 Everyone’s favorite procrastination tool turned a decade old this week. The company celebrated with individualized videos that capture users’ first moments on the platform, pictures shared and most liked posts. Facebook’s founder and CEO shared a few words on the day that spoke of the social network’s history and what he clearly … [Read more...]

Taxi apps compete globally for sought after markets

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Taxi applications are some of the most effective mobile solutions in the app marketplace. The technology that allows users to hail and track a taxi driver has spawned successful companies such as Uber, Hailo and Taxibeat. But the challenges that arise in individual markets, from cities up to regions, make international expansion a tricky road to … [Read more...]