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Algolia: Going Global to Compete with Google

Five years ago, when Algolia was founded, its founding duo were very much grounded in the French startup ecosystem. Nicolas Dessaigne and Julien Lemoine had both recently quit roles at Exalead, a software…

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Seerene Bags $14m Series A Funding

SaaS analytics platform Seerene has announced a $14 million series A funding round. The injection, led by Berlin-based Lakestar Capital Partners, with additional funding from Munich’s Earlybird Venture Capital, will allow the…

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Adara Ventures MP Nicolas Goulet: “Spain is Great for Deep Tech Innovation”

Nicolas Goulet, managing partner at Adara Ventures, is a software engineer by trade. So is fellow MP Alberto Gómez. Their backgrounds are one reason why Madrid-based Adara has emerged as one of…

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Bitdefender Aims to Bridge the Connected Home Security Gap

By Anam Alpenia According to security provider Bitdefender, just two out of 10 users who technically live in a connected home are actually aware of it. That, and a proliferation of connected…

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Meniga CEO Georg Ludviksson: “Banks Really Could Lose Their Number One Spot”

In 2008, just as the financial world was imploding, Georg Ludviksson took a job at Glitnir Bank in his home country, Iceland. On day three the bank failed. Ludviksson saw an opportunity.…

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RedSeal Continues as a Top-Class Digital Gatekeeper

by Anam Alpenia As our use of technology has evolved, so have the threats that can derail and even destroy a business or even a country. Remember December 2013 when credit card…

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Denave’s Snehashish Bhattacharjee: “India is Conducive for Scale, Not Global Growth”

Snehashish Bhattacharjee is a decorated veteran of India’s tech scene. He began working at Wipro (which was the Software arm of Wipro – now part of Wipro Limited) before moving to Microsoft India in…

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Georgia Pilots and Sweden Ponders – Is Blockchain the Future for Europe’s Land Registries?

Blockchain, the secure, “trustless” database, has until recently been best known as the technology underpinning cryptocurrency bitcoin. Now, though, officials are realizing that it can be much, much more. The platform, created…

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Tom PerkinsTom Perkins

Tom Perkins, Godfather of the Innovation Economy

When historians look over the past fifty years, they will remind the world of David Packard, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Nolan Bushnell, Sergey Brin and Mark Zuckerberg. But they might pass over the man who has made technology an integral part of modern economies.

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The Top Tech to Watch Out For at This Summer’s Euro 2016 Soccer Championships

It’s under a fortnight until this summer’s soccer European Championships kicks off in France. But while the basics of the game have barely changed since its rules were cast in 1863, there…

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