CodeGirl’s Lesley Chilcott on Narrowing Tech’s Gender Gaps

by Anam Alpenia Only 7% of tech startups are led by women. Among the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, only 25 are women and 23 have an all-male boardroom. It was these…

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Why Are Poles Marching Against Surveillance Laws?

by Anam Alpenia Thousands of Poles have been marching through their country’s major cities, in protest of online surveillance laws proposed by the new right wing government. Foreign Policy yesterday accused the…

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The Old Town and the Sea: How Marine Technology is Revamping Russia’s “Fortress in Europe”

Kaliningrad occupies one of Europe’s strangest geopolitical spaces. Tucked between Lithuania and Poland on the fringes of the Baltic Sea, the exclave is 300 miles from the rest of Russia, and almost…

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Oscobo Hopes to Bring Private Searching to Britain

British web users now have a way to search for U.K.-specific content in privacy. Oscobo, a London-based search engine, launched last week. Its founders, who both ditched long term corporate careers, told…

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2015 in Tech: The Year’s Biggest Winners and Losers

In another big year for technology news, there were, as always, plenty of winners and losers. Here Red Herring checks out some of those who felt on top of the world, and…

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St PetersburgSt Petersburg

Gap between St Petersburg and Moscow narrowing – but funding still miles away

When Pavel Durov was dismissed as CEO of VKontakte, the social media platform he had founded in 2006, last summer, Saint Petersburg’s tech community lamented the loss of its most enigmatic character,…

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Stockholm: Proving that cool can go big

Twenty years ago, Sweden’s politicians faced a dilemma: how could a small country of under ten million in the Europe’s northern become the continent’s leading digital player? The country’s leadership decided they’d…

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Estonia celebrates first e-Residency anniversary

Estonia has celebrated the first anniversary of its groundbreaking e-Residency scheme at an event in capital city Tallinn. And plans to scale the program far faster in its second year. Journalists and…

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OnDeck senior VP Pamela Rice on alternative finance – ‘it’s not just about rates’

Pamela Rice, Senior VP at OnDeck, talks with Red Herring about the future of alternative finance.

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Paris skylineParis skyline

Op-ed: Paris and Beirut terror attacks threaten the values of the technology sector

The aftermath of Friday evening’s attacks in Paris calls for indignation over the continued cowardice displayed by ISIS and other radical terrorist movements. France, for the second time since January, faces mayhem…

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