Firefox picks Yahoo, Twitter’s search and Russian webcam site

A decade-long partnership between Google and Mozilla, the maker of the Firefox browser, is nearing an end as the two have broken up in the U.S.

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Twitter debt downgraded, YouTube’s subscription services and Amazon’s book deal

Rumors of internal turmoil, a stock price that has fallen 37% in 2014, and a newly branded credit rating of BB- by Standard and Poor’s continue to put Twitter’s strategies into question.

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Facebook stock falls on future spending worries

Facebook beat analyst expectations when it revealed its quarterly earnings report on Tuesday, reporting $3.2 billion in quarterly revenue at $0.43 earnings per share. The social media giant also reported a 7%…

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Amazon under investor fire, Ello stands by policy and Google’s new Inbox

In a press release on Thursday, Amazon disclosed its financial results for Q3 of 2014. The company sustained a net loss of $437 million, or $0.95 loss per share, compared with a $41 million loss in the same quarter of 2013.

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Ello the latest contender to challenge Facebook’s firmly held position

A decade ago, Mark Zuckerberg and a team of computer developers set up shop in Palo Alto to start the next big thing.  Since then, Facebook has dominated the social media sphere…

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Snapchat investment could set tone for Yahoo’s future strategy

Reports suggest Yahoo will invest $20 million in Snapchat, as a part of a financing round that would give the ephemeral messaging app a $10 billion valuation. If it does, it would…

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Windows update, JP Morgan breach and Angry Birds streamlined

Microsoft announced the successor to Windows 8 this week – Windows 10.

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Thiel’s Twitter attack, Windows announcement and iPhone released

Twitter shares have fallen over 20% in 2014 as the company has failed to grow its user base at the same pace as its competitor, Facebook. According to prominent venture capitalist and PayPal’s billionaire co-founder Peter Thiel, Twitter’s problems might stem from an issue of serious mismanagement…and pot smoking.

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Berlin’s Inkitt aiming for 50 Shades of Green as digital publishing lifts off

Tucked in a bar-laden, cobblestoned corner of Berlin, a two-person team is trying to change the way Europe reads and writes. Inkitt, founded in 2012, claims to offer writers a platform to…

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The Internet slows down, Microsoft’s Minecraft bid and Home Depot hacked

The core principle behind the net neutrality movement is that all data should be treated equally. Internet service providers (ISPs) are challenging that viewpoint by proposing ‘fast lanes’ for certain content delivered on the internet, and charging more for anything utilizing these fast speeds.

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