Google Couldn’t Buy Snap–Will It Beat It Instead?

The web sprang into life last week with the news that Google tried to buy social firm Snap for a whopping $30 billion last night, ahead of Snap’s most recent funding round.…

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Snap Posts Less-than-Thrilling Post-IPO Financials

Snapchat parent company Snap has released its first earnings report post-IPO, and they’re not great. Revenue for the first quarter of 2017 was $149.6 million. That compares to a loss of $2.2bn,…

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WhatsApp Down for Hours–With No Explanation

Users of messaging service WhatsApp were unable to send or receive data for several hours yesterday. By 1.30pm PST most of its 1.2 billion users could send and receive messages once more.…

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Net Neutrality is a Fight for the Future of America’s Economy

More likely than not, we will soon wave goodbye to net neutrality. Ajit Pai and his new FCC administration have made it clear they want to scrap the concept. An outcry from…

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WhatsApp Encryption at Center of London Terror Storm

Messaging service WhatsApp has been accused by the British government of giving terrorists “a safe place to hide”, after refusing to hand over messages communicated by the perpetrator of last week’s deadly…

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European Jewish Leader Rebukes Google in Hate Speech Row

One of Europe’s leading Jewish figures has condemned tech giant Google, amid a growing controversy over its refusal to remove anti-Semitic videos from subsidiary site YouTube. Dr. Moshe Kantor, President of the…

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This Facebook Group is Throwing a Lifeline to Refugees in Need of Phone Credit

Last year, while on a trip to Calais’ notorious Jungle refugee camp, British social services worker James Pearce had an idea. No longer did it feel enough to help in person, on…

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BUX CEO Nick Bortot: “Our Main Challenge wasn’t Tech, but Human”

Nick Bortot is CEO of Bux, an Amsterdam-based mobile app aiming to take the complexity out of stock markets, and make trading fun. What began as a solution for inexperienced traders has…

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Trump Changes Twitter: But Can He Change its Fortunes?

You’d have to have been living under a pretty large rock not to have noticed the new US President’s tweets over the last few years. Even then, you’ll probably have heard or…

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Scott 4Scott 4

Scott Steinberg: How to Manage an Online Brand and Reputation

The role of marketing and public relations within professional organizations has shifted drastically with the advent of social media, and move to greater emphasis on storytelling. Traditionally, organizations would simply broadcast news,…

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