Social mediaSocial media

U.K. lags behind U.S. in social recruitment – report

British recruiters are less likely to include a social media element in their hiring process than their American counterparts, according to a new report. The U.K. Social Recruitment Survey, by software firm…

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Ashley MadisonAshley Madison

Ashley Madison CEO quits, Facebook hits 1bn users in a day and the Lizard Squad hack tool

Infidelity dating website Ashley Madison has been the target of data breaches in recent weeks, and given the unconventional service that the site provides, it is perhaps even more distressing for users whose personal data has been made public. The latest casualty of the hacking incident is the company’s CEO.

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Uber carUber car

Uber leak, Apple Music’s 11m trial users and Tesla’s security breach

Uber was recently labelled the world’s most valuable startup at $50 billion. However, recent leaked financial documents allegedly from Uber, have revealed that the firm is operating at a loss of several million dollars each quarter.

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Brainly gets smart with Poland’s education boom

In 2009 few leading VCs noticed the appearance of, a Polish website aiming to connect students with each other, working mutually to complete their schoolwork. Today the firm – rebranded as…

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Ashley MadisonAshley Madison

Adultery website hacked, spam at 12-year low and Reddit cleans up

Many users of Ashley Madison, an online dating site for married couples looking to commit adultery, might wish for other reasons they had stayed off the ethically questionable dating service, as hackers known as “The Impact Team” claim to have stolen customer data.

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Greek flagGreek flag

As Grexit D-Day approaches, can startups weather the storm?

Alexis Tzipras, the Greek prime minister, has until midnight tomorrow to keep his country in the euro zone. A deal, wrangled after a Greek referendum and intense talks, will force Greece to…

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White RabbitWhite Rabbit

Berlin’s White Rabbit continues the evolution of the text message

Berlin startup White Rabbit is the latest in SMS’ 23-year evolution. And, despite the invention of younger, sleeker messaging services, evidence suggests the format has plenty of life left in it. When…

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Reddit revolts, Samsung under fire over bloatware and Snapchat updated

Parts of the popular social media news site Reddit became inaccessible last week due to a protest over the firing of Victoria Taylor, a paid moderator for the site.

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gender gapgender gap

Quotas close Europe’s gender gap – but figures still gloomy for female leadership

A new report shows how quota systems across Europe have helped heal its yawning gender gap in business. But the continent’s women still occupy very few leadership roles – and tech is…

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Fallout 4Fallout 4

E3 highlights, Amazon’s new delivery idea and Pepper the humanoid robot

The annual E3 event gave gaming fans a lot to look forward to this week. The L.A.-based event showcased some of the most hotly-anticipated games of the future, and included huge announcement from the behemoths of the gaming world.

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