Esports are at an Inflection of Digital Media and Modern Culture

Last Friday Red Herring attended the ESL One esports event in Cologne, Germany. Thousands packed out the city’s Lanxess Arena, roaring whenever an impressive kill was made during the three-day Counter Strike: Global Offensive…

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Silicon Valley’s Bro Culture: More Female Venture Capitalists, Fewer Empty Apologies

Last week it was Travis Kalanick, today it’s Justin Caldbeck, the Binary Capital investor who resigned after six women came forward with allegations of sexual harassment–most of which occurred in the context of…

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Kalanick’s Dramatic Uber Departure: Too Little, Too Late

First, a disclaimer: losing a parent is a horrendous and painful ordeal. We at Red Herring do not want to lose sight of the grief and loss Travis Kalanick must still be feeling,…

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The UK’s Improbable Hung Parliament: What’s Next?

On Wednesday we reported that the digital business policies of Britain’s two biggest political parties, Labour and the Conservatives, were similar verging on inseparable. This morning the country is waking up to…

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Confused Dot-Coms: Britain’s Bipolar Election

British citizens head to the polls tomorrow amid heightened security fears, the specter of Brexit and a division between its two leading parties that has widened further than at any point in…

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Zuckerberg’s Universal Basic Income: Why the Next Wave of Tech Demands It

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s commencement speech at Harvard’s graduation ceremony on Thursday (May 25) was stacked full of memories from his time at the university–from which he dropped out a decade previous.…

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WannaCry: North Korea’s Real-Life Frailty is its Hacking Strength

Cybercrime experts at some of the world’s largest security companies have today announced that coding in the devastating WannaCry ransomware attack, bears similarities to the work of North Korean cybergang the Lazarus…

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Net Neutrality is a Fight for the Future of America’s Economy

More likely than not, we will soon wave goodbye to net neutrality. Ajit Pai and his new FCC administration have made it clear they want to scrap the concept. An outcry from…

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Dr Moshe Kantor: Tech Giants “Shamefully Slow” to React to Antisemitism

Dr Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor is President of the European Jewish Congress, a Brussels-based representative body of Jewish figures across the continent. He has been a vocal opposer of Google over controversial content…

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An Art Controversy Asks Serious Questions of Virtual Reality

Real Violence, by Jordan Wolfson, has torn opinions. Hosted by the Whitney Museum in New York, the artist’s installation prompts visitors to don Oculus headsets and noise-canceling headphones, and to grab a…

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