DocuSign’s Signature Growth

Technology is making the world smaller. In our personal lives, we can speak face-to-face with people on the other side of the planet, we can share data and files with friends and…

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Funny as Tech Portrait 3Funny as Tech Portrait 3

“Tech Has Reached the Point of Absurdity, But No-one’s Ready to Talk About It” – ‘Funny as Tech’ Matches Humor with Hot Topics

Robot global domination. Self-driving cars. Tinder profiles. They’re all exciting/terrifying/necessary. But aren’t they also…funny? Joe Leonardo and David Ryan Polgar think so – it’s why they recently started the Funny as Tech…

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Tech Giants Join Net Neutrality Protests

Some of the digital world’s largest companies have joined forces to protest the US government’s plans to roll back net neutrality. Google, Facebook, Amazon and Airbnb are just some of the firms…

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Jalisco’s Tech Boom: “The New US Government is Helping Mexico”

Read the daily news and you’d be forgiven for thinking US-Mexico relations are at a nadir. When it comes to some sectors, however, that isn’t the case. Jalisco State, on Mexico’s Pacific…

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Silicon Valley’s Bro Culture: More Female Venture Capitalists, Fewer Empty Apologies

Last week it was Travis Kalanick, today it’s Justin Caldbeck, the Binary Capital investor who resigned after six women came forward with allegations of sexual harassment–most of which occurred in the context of…

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Kalanick’s Dramatic Uber Departure: Too Little, Too Late

First, a disclaimer: losing a parent is a horrendous and painful ordeal. We at Red Herring do not want to lose sight of the grief and loss Travis Kalanick must still be feeling,…

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Tech Bigwigs Arrive in D.C. for Government Showdown

Leaders of the biggest technology companies are meeting at the White House today, as part of a day-long event to bring the industry and government closer together. The meeting of the American Technology…

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Red Herring Announces Top 100 North America 2017 Winners

Red Herring has announced the winners of its Top 100 North America 2017 event, held this week in Los Angeles. The winning companies, selected from thousands of prospective startups and tech firms, represent…

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Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 5.34.26 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-13 at 5.34.26 PM

Red Herring Announces Top 100 North America 2017 Finalists

Red Herring has announced the finalists for its Top 100 North America 2017 event, to be held later this month in California. The list, which has been whittled down from thousands of…

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Zuckerberg’s Universal Basic Income: Why the Next Wave of Tech Demands It

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s commencement speech at Harvard’s graduation ceremony on Thursday (May 25) was stacked full of memories from his time at the university–from which he dropped out a decade previous.…

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