Is the iPhone X Opening a Global Door to Chinese Competition?

So, finally, it’s here. Apple’s iPhone X has arrived with all the pomp and grandiosity of a Persian emperor. But is the Cupertino company’s latest offering–which marks a decade, improbably, since the first…

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Mark Cuban’s Bitcoin Volte Face: Billionaire Invests in Cryptocurrency Fund

Just two months ago billionaire investor and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban tweeted his disapproval of Bitcoin, saying investment in the cryptocurrency was a “bubble”. Yesterday the Dallas Mavericks owner marked a remarkably…

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Are We Really Headed Toward AI Armageddon?

This week dozens of leaders in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), including Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, penned an open letter urging the United Nations to ban the use of AI…

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Mexico City: The 22 Million-Strong Underdog of Mexican Tech

Why doesn’t Mexico City, Mexico’s giant, sprawling capital, win more tech plaudits? Perhaps because the backstories of manufacturing and manic Jalisco and Tijuana are more captivating for those looking to link Silicon…

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Tech Rounds on American Far-Right, as Trump Loses Intel from Manufacturing Council

The events in Charlottesville have shamed America, and shocked the rest of the world. The sight of neo-Nazis marching through an American city conjures all kinds of horrors from a past many…

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Hackerbay is Harnessing the Dark Arts – And It’s Winning

If you press the buzzer at Hackerbay’s Berlin office, no-one comes to the door. Instead, its team have built a custom door-answering machine, with cantilevered arm and camera, that can check you…

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Zap&Go Charges Device in Under 15 Seconds, Targets Lucrative Electronic Vehicle Market

Rapid-charge battery technology will soon become a behemoth market. British firm Zap&Go made a major breakthrough yesterday with the demonstration that its ‘Instant Charging’ carbon-ion cells can charge an electronic device–in this…

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Google Couldn’t Buy Snap–Will It Beat It Instead?

The web sprang into life last week with the news that Google tried to buy social firm Snap for a whopping $30 billion last night, ahead of Snap’s most recent funding round.…

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Impossible Made Possible: California Foodtech Startup Wins $75m Round

Impossible Foods, the plant-based burger company, has secured a $75 million funding round from some of the world’s richest people–as it locks into a battle with competitor Beyond Meat. The Redwood City,…

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Tijuana: From Sin City to Software Sanctuary

When Ramon Toledo ditched a career in diplomacy for tech, in 2001, he knew success would be a tall order. He had spent years matchmaking between the public and private worlds at…

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