Instant ArticlesInstant Articles

Facebook introduces Instant Articles, HoloLens to test stress and Minecraft reaches milestone

Facebook is taking another step towards taking over the internet, by introducing Instant Articles, where content creators can host stories directly on the social media site.

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Amazon prime airAmazon prime air

Amazon drone plans, Ericsson sues Apple and Oculus Rift launch schedule

Amazon’s anticipated drone delivery service, once slated as just a pipe dream, appears to be a step closer to fruition with the U.S. Patent Office releasing a report detailing how the drone system might look.

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Tesla energyTesla energy

Tesla’s home batteries, Microsoft Edge and Grooveshark shuts down

Tesla motors has revolutionized the automobile with its electric powered luxury cars, easily recognized on streets around the world. But visionary CEO Elon Musk has aspirations that transcend the vehicle industry.

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amazon-logo thumbamazon-logo thumb

Amazon’s AWS sales growth, Galaxy S5 security flaw and WhatsApp calls on iOS

E-commerce mammoth Amazon had both some good and bad news to share this week – the company is seeing continual growth in its ‘Amazon Web Services’ wing, but it still reported a $57 million loss in the first quarter of 2015.

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Google thumbGoogle thumb

Google’s E.U. problems, Game of Thrones leak and Instagram’s guidelines

Google has hit major roadblocks in the European Union. E.U. Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager issued a “statement of objections” to the giant search engine alleging that it engages in anti-competitive behavior by using its dominance in search to crowd other search tools out of the market.

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Twitter logoTwitter logo

Turkey bans social media again, Samsung reviews and Facebook Messenger for web

Turkey banned the likes of Google, Twitter and Facebook last week, over an of a Turkish prosecutor being held at gunpoint by two men outside the Istanbul courthouse.

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Amazon prime airAmazon prime air

Amazon drone testing, Sony TV streaming and Uber passes NYC milestone

Amazon has received approval from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to begin testing out the drones as package delivery vessels.

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Dating appsDating apps

Dating apps strengthen and diversify to pull in huge user numbers

The mobile dating industry has taken off. IBISWorld, an analyst, reckons the U.S. market to be worth some $2.1 billion, of which around a third is commanded by Match, the owner of…

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Apple WatchApple Watch

Apple Watch, HBO Now and a solar flight around the world

Apple’s press event in San Francisco on Monday disclosed details of it’s first new product line since the iPad, the Apple Watch.

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Samsung Galaxy S6Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 launch, Mandarin Oriental hack and Amazon’s Alibaba play

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Samsung struggled to stay ahead of the competition in 2014.  Apple’s new iPhone 6 outperformed the Galaxy S5 smartphone, while new entrants to the market such as the highest…

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