Sony hack worsens, Justice department’s cyber division and Apple’s antitrust lawsuit

Two weeks ago it was revealed hackers had infiltrated Sony Pictures, the latest example in a growing number of corporate cyber invasions.

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blackberry passportblackberry passport

BlackBerry’s Passport is getting troubled giant traveling again

The media knives are rarely sheathed for BlackBerry these days. Last month it was reported that the Canadian firm’s year-long CEO, John Chen, had to ask his wife to stop flashing her…

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Walls, feeds and long reads: the future of journalism

“News is what a chap who doesn’t care much about anything wants to read,” said Evelyn Waugh in his 1938 polemic about journalism, Scoop. He wouldn’t be much use in a modern…

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Google’s Europe problems, Samsung reshuffle and Twitter’s app tracking

The European Parliament voted on Wednesday, by a convincing 384 votes to 174, in favor of unbundling Google’s search business from its advertising and other businesses.

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TV industry continues to evolve as cable companies turn to online streaming

Leading TV networks HBO and CBS recently announced respective stand-alone streaming services in a move which will intensify the competitiveness of the online TV market.  Consumers will now have access to whatever…

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FCC’s mobile broadband spectrum auction hits reported $34bn

The last time the FCC conducted a large-scale auction to sell its airwaves to mobile broadband providers, the iPhone was only a year old. Smartphone adoption has taken off in the six…

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BT’s hunt for acquisition of mobile network praised by analysts

U.K. telecoms group BT has announced it is in talks over the purchase of one of two British mobile network operators – O2 and EE. The telecommunications giant, with funds of £2.6…

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Google’s nanotechnology, Microsoft Band and HP goes 3D

Google has unveiled its latest Google X project: nanotechnology that can detect cancer and other diseases at an earlier stage.

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Chinese smartphone vendors continue to grab market share

The smartphone industry is brutally competitive right now, to the extent that market share positions between the top five players can change on a daily basis. Three of China’s major smartphone vendors,…

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Finnish PM’s Apple comments misunderstood but tech crisis remains

Alexander Stubb, the Finnish prime minister, caused quite a stir this week, when he appeared to blame Apple for his country’s economic meltdown. Speaking on CNBC, the 46-year-old premier complained that the…

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