Yesss! How Axel and Boris Aren’t Your Average German Tech Investors

According to Axel and Boris’ LinkedIn account (they share one), they are based in Berlin, Copenhagen, Liechtenstein, Stockholm and Monterrey. Neither are they merely entrepreneurs, but ‘visionaries’, keen to inject their particular…

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Mindblower Marketplace’s Carmit Turgeman: Inventors Need a Marketplace Too

This month Israel-based crowdfund MindBlower announced MindBlower Marketplace, a pre-sale channel for inventors to take their ideas from concept to market. Its leadership, which includes “original Mad Man” George Lois and publicity…

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Earlybird Venture Capital’s Brandis: “People Really Do Make the Difference”

Munich-headquartered Earlybird Venture Capital has become one of Europe’s leading digital investors in recent years, with 16 locations and investments, on average €2.5 million ($2.68m) in dozens of companies worldwide. A steady…

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How Will President Trump Affect Tech in Europe?

This Friday Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. And while the US media has been aflame on the back of lurid intelligence accusations, there…

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Adara Ventures MP Nicolas Goulet: “Spain is Great for Deep Tech Innovation”

Nicolas Goulet, managing partner at Adara Ventures, is a software engineer by trade. So is fellow MP Alberto Gómez. Their backgrounds are one reason why Madrid-based Adara has emerged as one of…

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Meniga CEO Georg Ludviksson: “Banks Really Could Lose Their Number One Spot”

In 2008, just as the financial world was imploding, Georg Ludviksson took a job at Glitnir Bank in his home country, Iceland. On day three the bank failed. Ludviksson saw an opportunity.…

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Gobi Partners’ Kay-Mok Ku on Investing Smart in Southeast Asia

Kay-Mok Ku has over 17 years’ experience investing in startups across Asia. Since 2010 he has been a partner at Gobi Partners, an early-stage fund established in Shanghai in 2002. Singapore-based Ku has…

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Project A VenturesProject A Ventures

Berlin’s Project A Sees No Need for a Plan B, as Germany’s Capital Surges Onwards

Normally you’d expect news of a company that has made 38 investments and four acquisitions in under four years, in what is fast becoming Europe’s tech capital, to be spreading like wildfire.…

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Gleb DavidyukGleb Davidyuk

VC Gleb Davidyuk discusses Russia’s investment climate

Gleb Davidyuk is managing partner of iTechCapital, a Latvia-based fund specializing in the Russian digital market. Previous to iTech Gleb has worked at Scandinavian fund Mint Capital, Alfa Capital and the Central…

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Alexander Fries, Ecosystem Ventures talks European investment

Alexander Fries is a seasoned businessman and venture capitalist. Having moved from his native Switzerland to Silicon Valley over a decade ago, Fries began helping other Europeans cross the Atlantic and become…

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