Tech Giants Join Net Neutrality Protests

Some of the digital world’s largest companies have joined forces to protest the US government’s plans to roll back net neutrality. Google, Facebook, Amazon and Airbnb are just some of the firms…

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Net Neutrality is a Fight for the Future of America’s Economy

More likely than not, we will soon wave goodbye to net neutrality. Ajit Pai and his new FCC administration have made it clear they want to scrap the concept. An outcry from…

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CeBIT PanelCeBIT Panel

CeBIT 2017: Security Chiefs Warn of Executive Security Disconnect

A group of European security luminaries has told an audience at today’s CeBIT conference that companies must move quickly to avoid cybersecurity disasters–and that executives and CFOs are often unaware of the…

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eSports Betting is Tech’s Wild West–And its Potential is Huge

Esports are here to stay. Global revenue for the market–which essentially means paid video gaming–was $800 million in 2016, and it’s expected to reach $1.23bn by 2019. Its global viewership is expected…

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Woman SFWoman SF

Let’s Talk About Periods (And Everything Else): How Femtech is Flourishing

When it comes to periods, menopause or a myriad other female health issues, most people’s instinct is to keep mum. No longer. The Internet has democratized everything from driverless cars to vacuum…

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Bitdefender Aims to Bridge the Connected Home Security Gap

By Anam Alpenia According to security provider Bitdefender, just two out of 10 users who technically live in a connected home are actually aware of it. That, and a proliferation of connected…

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YourDOST Bridges India’s Huge Mental Health Gap

Richa Singh was at college in Guwahati when her roommate, worried about a place in India’s skyrocketing jobs market, took her own life. It was a tragedy—and, for Singh, a call to…

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Queen Elizabeth II: High-Speed Broadband for all Brits

Queen Elizabeth II has pledged that every British household will have access to high-speed broadband Internet. The pledge, made during the monarch’s annual opening of parliament, included plans to give automatic compensation to…

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Berlin’s Number26: More Than FinTech’s Pretty Face

The office of fintech upstart Number26, tucked into a corner of central Berlin between the meander of the River Spree and the city’s surviving, 800-year-old kernel, is unlike most bank headquarters. It…

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Why Are Poles Marching Against Surveillance Laws?

by Anam Alpenia Thousands of Poles have been marching through their country’s major cities, in protest of online surveillance laws proposed by the new right wing government. Foreign Policy yesterday accused the…

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