SIM CardSIM Card

SIM Card Fraud is Real and Damaging – Here’s How to Stop It

That tiny chip buried deep in smartphones, which requires a pin-like device to remove, might seem securely locked away. But the lack of physical access to SIM cards doesn’t make them immune…

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Musk’s Moon Ambitions Outpace Any Other

By the time Howard Hughes built his H-4 Hercules flying boat, also known as the ‘Spruce Goose’, he was an engineering prodigy, having leveraged a fortune and innovated radios, aviation and other…

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Jack-o'-lanterns facing each otherJack-o'-lanterns facing each other

App-aritions: Five Spooky Tech Solutions for Halloween 2016

Has any corner of popular culture not been bitten by the tech bug? Answer: no. And Halloween, one of the world’s spookiest festivals, is no exception. Last year Internet service provider Windstream…

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Fusion ReactorFusion Reactor

How Supercomputers and the Berlin Wall Made a Nuclear Marvel Possible

Located a ten-minute drive outside the pretty German town of Greifswald, the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics has a gray-and-glass front and gently waving roof that scream ‘Science Stuff Here.’ Inside,…

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The Top Tech to Watch Out For at This Summer’s Euro 2016 Soccer Championships

It’s under a fortnight until this summer’s soccer European Championships kicks off in France. But while the basics of the game have barely changed since its rules were cast in 1863, there…

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U.K. Workers ‘Burdened by System Complexity’ – Report

Tens of billions of dollars is being lost to the U.K. economy through unnecessary tasks each year, a report has found – and poor-performing technology is at the heart of the problem.…

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In ‘Russia’s Silicon Valley’, 3D-printed casts come to life

Fedor Aptakarev never set out to be 3D printing’s Tony Stark. When he started out, ten years ago, it was music – not medicine – that enjoyed the fruits of his high-tech…

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Can Europe’s blossoming car share market boost electromobility?

It is a wet, rainy afternoon in Berlin’s Schöneberg district and, beneath the gaze of a great, black gasometer, the employees of the city’s EUREF Campus are ducking the weather for lunch.…

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Google thumbGoogle thumb

Google’s nanotechnology, Microsoft Band and HP goes 3D

Google has unveiled its latest Google X project: nanotechnology that can detect cancer and other diseases at an earlier stage.

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IPO+M&A Watch: Mobileye, Synchrony, Apple

IPO This week’s activity in the public markets was headlined by the stock market debut of Synchrony Financial, GE’s consumer finance arm divested as a separate, public entity. Synchrony finances private label…

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