Lookout’s G-J Schenk: Security Concerns Must Be with Mobile

Keeping corporate data safe is a constant challenge for many security professionals. Deploying the most rigorous security stack–including firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, network monitors, data encryption, two factor authentication, anti-virus software and…

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Beta-i’s Vieira: “2017 Is the Year Portugal’s Startup Scene Matures”

Pedro Rocha Vieira is co-founder and CEO of Beta-i, a group which incubates, mentors and grows startups in Lisbon and Portugal, which have risen among Europe’s tech hubs. Here he shares his thoughts…

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Scott 4Scott 4

Scott Steinberg: How to Manage an Online Brand and Reputation

The role of marketing and public relations within professional organizations has shifted drastically with the advent of social media, and move to greater emphasis on storytelling. Traditionally, organizations would simply broadcast news,…

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GenieBelt’s Taylor Ryan: Why are Startups Disrupting Construction?

The construction industry is known for being less innovative and reluctant to embrace the benefits of modern technology than any other industry. Though we are getting very close to a world where…

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Numerix: Building Post-Crash Fintech Momentum

by Anam Alpenia Fintech is one of the most technology-oriented sectors in the world, with a long history. At the same time when airline reservations systems transformed the airlines, Michael Bloomberg and…

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Breaking the Digital Walls: The Industrialization of Construction

Construction companies are increasingly tapping venture capital funding. In 2010, few or no start ups would seek Sand Hill Road or Bay Area investors for Series A or Series B. But in…

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Sanjay thumbnailSanjay thumbnail

Top software testing trends to look out for

As the software development landscape evolves, testing processes must also adapt to quality assurance needs and user requirements. Organizations that adopt agile testing methodologies especially have to keep new considerations in mind…

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Is capital a commodity or a differentiator?

Arie Abecassis, Venture Partner at Dreamit Ventures, asks how big a differentiator capital is in crowded markets.

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Moore Bill[3]Moore Bill[3]

Which carrier is winning the LTE battle?

Bill Moore, CEO of RootMetrics, sheds light on the battle for superiority in the LTE space.   The big story in mobile network performance continues to be LTE, which has moved from…

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