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Heartbleed an ‘existential threat to Internet’ – experts


Over a week since the Heartbleed bug was revealed to the world millions of web users are still at risk of serious identity thefts. This week it was announced that up to 50 million Android smartphones were vulnerable, while Heartbleed-enabled hacks hit U.K. parenting site Mumsnet, and the Canadian tax authority. Heartbleed is a loophole in the … [Read more...]

Paraplegic to kick off World Cup with groundbreaking robotics

walk again

The first kick of this year's FIFA World Cup in Brazil will be performed by a paraplegic teenager, thanks to a robotic exoskeleton that translates brainwaves to actions. The revolutionary device was developed by a team of scientists around the world called the Walk Again Project. It will debut at Sao Paulo's Arena Corinthians on June 12 this year, … [Read more...]

Four of the most left-field Earth-hacks that could combat climate change


A recent UN report on climate change reminded the world of the reality it is facing. Despite an overwhelming scientific consensus that humanity is to blame for rising temperatures and extreme weather, fossil fuels are still being burned at a frantic pace. In fact, Earth's top ten consumers of oil burn over 60 billion barrels a day - that's enough … [Read more...]

Lightspeed Venture Partners’ new fund nears $1 billion


Lightspeed Venture Partners has raised a new, nearly billion-dollar fund. It’s the firm’s tenth and has been split in two different pots earmarked for early- and late-stage ventures, according to Fortune, which previously reported the $950 million fund’s size at $1 billion. CNN reported the Menlo Park VC has set $650 million aside for early-stage … [Read more...]

How Berlin became an online privacy haven


After NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked millions of secrets that blew the lid off American spying activities, Germany's most famous news magazine Der Spiegel defended him, blazoning "Asyl Für Snowden" (Asylum for Snowden) on its front page. Since then, Snowden has found a home in Moscow. But many hoped the German capital of Berlin had provided … [Read more...]

UAE’s raises $75m – Investment Round Up

Money Sign

Funding The WSJ is reporting, which claims to be the Arab world’s biggest e-commerce site, has secured a $75 million investment from Naspers, a South African media organization. The Dubai-based company, frequently labelled the Middle East’s Amazon, features more than 200,000 products on its site. gets upwards of 8 million visits … [Read more...]

Could Vodafone’s Ono acquisition trigger European telco spending spree?


Vodafone’s $10 billion purchase of Spanish cable operator Ono cements the British telecoms company’s pursuance of a 'united communications' model. And the British firm may have fired the starting gun on a year of spending in Europe, despite continued acquisition overtures from American outfit AT&T. The acquisition of Ono, Vodafone’s first … [Read more...]

Internet’s founding father proposes digital Magna Carta


This week the Internet turned 25 years old. In this post-Snowden and not-so-net-neutral era, some might argue the World Wide Web’s fate no longer rests in the world’s hands. But with 60 percent of the population still offline, change is coming — and the inventor of the Web wants to ensure it’s the good kind. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the … [Read more...]

U.K. government looks to Internet of Things for ‘industrial revolution’


The U.K. government will spend an extra £45 million ($75 million) on the Internet of Things (IoT) sector, in an attempt to put the country at the forefront of a technology-led “industrial revolution,” Prime Minister David Cameron has said. The cash injection will fund research into the Internet of Things, which pictures the world and everything in … [Read more...]

Google’s Internet TV and wearables ventures give encouraging results

google tv

Google recently announced further advances into new territory . The company disclosed news regarding its Internet TV and wearables businesses at South by Southwest, the Austin, Texas tech conference. But what do these new ventures reveal about Google’s future strategy? The Mountain View behemoth hasn’t abandoned its bread-and-butter business, … [Read more...]