Silicon Valley’s Bro Culture: More Female Venture Capitalists, Fewer Empty Apologies

Last week it was Travis Kalanick, today it’s Justin Caldbeck, the Binary Capital investor who resigned after six women came forward with allegations of sexual harassment–most of which occurred in the context of…

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Kalanick’s Dramatic Uber Departure: Too Little, Too Late

First, a disclaimer: losing a parent is a horrendous and painful ordeal. We at Red Herring do not want to lose sight of the grief and loss Travis Kalanick must still be feeling,…

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The UK’s Improbable Hung Parliament: What’s Next?

On Wednesday we reported that the digital business policies of Britain’s two biggest political parties, Labour and the Conservatives, were similar verging on inseparable. This morning the country is waking up to…

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Confused Dot-Coms: Britain’s Bipolar Election

British citizens head to the polls tomorrow amid heightened security fears, the specter of Brexit and a division between its two leading parties that has widened further than at any point in…

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Rouhani’s Re-Election: A Victory for Moderate Iran, and its Entrepreneurs

It’s the economy, stupid. At least, that was the word on the streets of Tehran this Friday, as around 70% of Iran’s 80 million people elected their next President. The Middle Eastern…

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WannaCry: North Korea’s Real-Life Frailty is its Hacking Strength

Cybercrime experts at some of the world’s largest security companies have today announced that coding in the devastating WannaCry ransomware attack, bears similarities to the work of North Korean cybergang the Lazarus…

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Macron’s Coup de Maitre: France and Technology

On his first day in office as newly-elected President, just after the swear-in ceremony, Emmanuel Macron will rediscover the place where he built his meteoric career. Five years ago Macron was just…

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As Macron Marches to Victory, the Tech Industry Sighs with Relief

ast night, at 8pm local time, the media confirmed what polls had been telling us all day: Emmanuel Macron was heading to the Élysée Palace–and by a landslide. Thousands danced in the…

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On May Day, Three of Tech’s Biggest Labor Controversies

Today is International Workers’ Day, celebrated from as far afield as London, Lahore and Lebanon. And while the roots of the holiday date back to a socialist and communist movement in 1886 Chicago,…

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Britain’s Election Promises Stability – But Specter of Brexit Keeps it Away

Brexit continues to dominate European news. France’s lurch away from established political parties was greeted in the UK as much with trepidation as excitement, as finalist Presidential candidates Marine Le Pen and…

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