The Election and Tech: Donald Trump

This is part of a three-part series of articles ahead of the 2016 US Presidential Election. Our next feature will examine Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s views on tech, followed by an interview…

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“Gaza’s Shark Tank” Graduates Another Group of Tech Hopefuls

Gaza Sky Geeks (GSG), the Gaza Strip’s first startup accelerator, has chosen its latest batch of entrepreneurs at an event many have dubbed the embattled region’s very own Shark Tank. Last month…

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Cambodia’s Tech Scene Needs Private Money, But It’s On The Up

Southeast Asia has been racing towards tech in recent years, and several formidable ecosystems have appeared across the region. For Cambodia, one of its smaller nations with a population of just 15…

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Belgium’s Startups Are Justifying Some Surprising Statistics

Europe’s tech scene is diversifying. No longer is it confined to a handful of cities and regions. And little Belgium is evidencing that more than most nations. The country, which is home…

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Radical Agility: How Zalando Tech Became Berlin’s Hottest Workplace

“We can wait in the jungle” isn’t something you hear much in Berlin – much less in the office of a fast-growing multinational. But a jungle (perhaps better described as a bush,…

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Surrounded by Security, Afghanistan’s First Coworking Space Aims High

Few tech hubs are hidden behind concrete blast walls, barbed wire and a team of gun-toting security guards. There again this is Kabul’s – and Afghanistan’s – first ever coworking space. Berlin…

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Berlin’s Anti-Airbnb Law Will ‘Likely Fail’ in Court – But the Long View is Unclear

Berlin, Germany’s ‘poor but sexy’ capital, has become one of Europe’s most desirable places to live, work and visit. Its culture scene is vibrant, bars and restaurants abound and its startup ecosystem…

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In Berlin, a New Tech Megaclub Emerges

Five years ago – five years and four months, to be precise – two American entrepreneurs organized a morning meet up in a cafe in Berlin’s bustling heart. Little did they know…

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Bulgaria’s ‘Comrades’ Show How to Use EU Tech Cash

When Red Herring visited Albania in March, the conversation frequently circled around one Balkan country: Bulgaria. Its EU status had made it a “giant” regionally, one expert told us. On closer inspection,…

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Where The Wild(ly Successful) Things Are

Rocket Internet, Project A Ventures, Zalando, OnVista, Dubsmash, Movinga: brands that rank among the most exciting in German tech. The link between them? A small business school in the town of Vallendar,…

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