Latvia is No Longer in Its Baltic Neighbors’ Shadows

Among its Baltic neighbors Latvia is often overlooked. With renowned tech hubs Estonia and Finland on its proverbial doorstep, that may be unsurprising. But there is plenty to sing about in the small…

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Oklahoma City Finds a Sweet Spot on America’s ‘Silicon Prairie’

A brewfest at a baseball stadium is not the most obvious place to discover a vibrant tech ecosystem. But at the OKBio BrewFest earlier this month, at Oklahoma City’s Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark,…

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Breaking the Digital Walls: The Industrialization of Construction

Construction companies are increasingly tapping venture capital funding. In 2010, few or no start ups would seek Sand Hill Road or Bay Area investors for Series A or Series B. But in…

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It’s Not Just Lego that’s Winning at Digital in Denmark

At the beginning of the millennium Lego, Denmark’s most visible brand, was struggling. Kids were shifting away from its building blocks. Video games were huge. The digital world was leaving it behind.…

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Ray Rothrock - VenrockRay Rothrock - Venrock

Ray Rothrock: Venture Capitalist with a Cause

Most venture capitalists embrace the career after a stint as a banker, CEO, or tech executive. Then the average tenure as a VC spans over 15 years, during which they groom two…

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RedSeal Continues as a Top-Class Digital Gatekeeper

As our use of technology has evolved, so have the threats that can derail and even destroy a business or even a country. Remember December 2013 when credit card information from 40…

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An Afghan Entrepreneur Aims for IT Success in Germany’s Growing Market

Three years ago Aemal Sayer was an accomplished IT entrepreneur in Kabul, looking for his next move. He had already founded several startups, each with varying degrees of success. But he wanted…

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Clinton Versus Trump: PE at the Center of Controversy

In its latest issue, The Economist tackles private equity from all angles. A special dossier covers PE’s surge, as well as the upcoming challenges. It is worth the read not only because…

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As California Votes to Legalize Weed, The Drug’s Tech Industry is Enjoying High Times

The US marijuana industry is lighting up. America now has 8.4 million regular cannabis users, up from half that in 2002. Thanks largely to legalizations in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Colorado, the…

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The Election and Tech: Hillary Clinton

This is part of a three-part series of articles ahead of the 2016 US Presidential Election.  Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic candidate for President of the United States, has had a fickle…

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