Malta’s Government: “Our Next Step is Blockchain”

Red Herring recently reported on the small but burgeoning tech scene evolving in Malta, one of Europe’s smallest nations. Keith Abela, of the country’s financial services, digital economy and innovation secretariat outlines Malta’s…

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Hanno Renner Interview FotoHanno Renner Interview Foto

Personio CEO Renner: “Focus on the Future, Not Just Now”

Hanno Renner is co-founder and CEO of Personio, a cloud-based HR management and recruitment solution for small and medium businesses (SMEs). The Munich-based startup has won over $14m in funding since its…

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Malta Already Became Europe’s Unlikely iGaming King. Its Startup Scene is Following Suit

In 2004, tiny Malta stole a vital march on its European neighbors. The island nation, nestled between Sicily, Tunisia and Libya in the Mediterranean sea, launched remote gaming regulations–the first on the…

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Hackerbay is Harnessing the Dark Arts – And It’s Winning

If you press the buzzer at Hackerbay’s Berlin office, no-one comes to the door. Instead, its team have built a custom door-answering machine, with cantilevered arm and camera, that can check you…

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Zap&Go Charges Device in Under 15 Seconds, Targets Lucrative Electronic Vehicle Market

Rapid-charge battery technology will soon become a behemoth market. British firm Zap&Go made a major breakthrough yesterday with the demonstration that its ‘Instant Charging’ carbon-ion cells can charge an electronic device–in this…

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“We Want to Promote Sustainable Entrepreneurship”: Monaco’s New Incubator Sets its Hopes High

The tiny European nation of Monaco is known for many things, not least its casinos, marina and reputation as a hangout for the world’s rich and famous. But this September a tech…

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Revolut: Speed, Efficiency and Scale for a Fintech Heavyweight

London-based fintech firm Revolut has emerged as a heavyweight of the European scene. The company, which pledges to offer pre-paid card customers real-time exchange rates and low-cost money transfers, closed a $5.3…

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Samsung NEXT Choses Berlin over London – But British Capital to Follow Soon, Says MD

When Samsung NEXT announced that it would be setting up its European shop in the German capital city of Berlin, headlines focused instead on where it had chosen not to be. That…

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SIM CardSIM Card

SIM Card Fraud is Real and Damaging – Here’s How to Stop It

That tiny chip buried deep in smartphones, which requires a pin-like device to remove, might seem securely locked away. But the lack of physical access to SIM cards doesn’t make them immune…

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Dingit.tv Fights on Four Fronts for Gaming’s Unique Demographic

As we’ve discussed before at Red Herring, esports is no flash in the pan. Millions turn out to watch its biggest events, and many more tune in to play and experience it…

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