The Old Town and the Sea: How Marine Technology is Revamping Russia’s “Fortress in Europe”

Kaliningrad occupies one of Europe’s strangest geopolitical spaces. Tucked between Lithuania and Poland on the fringes of the Baltic Sea, the exclave is 300 miles from the rest of Russia, and almost…

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Oscobo Hopes to Bring Private Searching to Britain

British web users now have a way to search for U.K.-specific content in privacy. Oscobo, a London-based search engine, launched last week. Its founders, who both ditched long term corporate careers, told…

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2015 in Tech: The Year’s Biggest Winners and Losers

In another big year for technology news, there were, as always, plenty of winners and losers. Here Red Herring checks out some of those who felt on top of the world, and…

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St PetersburgSt Petersburg

Gap between St Petersburg and Moscow narrowing – but funding still miles away

When Pavel Durov was dismissed as CEO of VKontakte, the social media platform he had founded in 2006, last summer, Saint Petersburg’s tech community lamented the loss of its most enigmatic character,…

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Hyperloop to bet big at Vegas – and other transport tech tales

Hyperloop Technologies (HT) will test-run its cutting-edge tube-based “fifth mode of transport” next month, on the outskirts of Reno. But while the train(ish) concept – conceived by Elon Musk in 2012 but…

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From turnips to tanks – the changing face of Russian video games

Repka, an arcade machine tucked in the corner of Moscow’s Museum of Soviet Arcades, might be one of the USSR’s oddest games. In it, would-be worker peasants must test their pulling strength…

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Bill Plummer PortraitBill Plummer Portrait

Huawei’s VP External Affairs Bill Plummer on the company’s consumer future, and virtualization

Huawei’s VP External Affairs Bill Plummer talks about the company’s future in the U.S. and its forays into the consumer market.

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Uber and OlaCabs battle it out for Mumbai’s ride-hailing market

by Anam Alpenia Uber Mumbai’s office is about as far removed from its 423,000 square-foot San Francisco headquarters as possible. Tucked into a small corner of a glass-fronted Standard Chartered block in Bandra…

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CEO Quits, and stocks tumble, amid Volkswagen’s widening ‘Dieselgate’ scandal

Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn has resigned after eight years in the role, following revelations his company used software to ‘cheat’ diesel emissions regulations. Winterkorn, formerly chief at Porsche, issued a statement today…

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Ashley MadisonAshley Madison

Ashley Madison CEO quits, Facebook hits 1bn users in a day and the Lizard Squad hack tool

Infidelity dating website Ashley Madison has been the target of data breaches in recent weeks, and given the unconventional service that the site provides, it is perhaps even more distressing for users whose personal data has been made public. The latest casualty of the hacking incident is the company’s CEO.

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