Miito aims to replace the electric kettle

Overfilling a kettle might not seem like the obvious Eureka moment, but it’s an event that inspired Miito. The device, which heats liquid via electromagnetism, allows users simply to heat the water…

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Apple WatchApple Watch

Apple Watch, HBO Now and a solar flight around the world

Apple’s press event in San Francisco on Monday disclosed details of it’s first new product line since the iPad, the Apple Watch.

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Four of the most left-field Earth-hacks that could combat climate change

A recent UN report on climate change reminded the world of the reality it is facing. Despite an overwhelming scientific consensus that humanity is to blame for rising temperatures and extreme weather,…

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Terra Motors Gives EV Street Cred in Asia

With their new smart-enabled scooters and sleek vehicle designs, Japanese company Terra Motors delivers Jetson’s-level transit tech that’s as elegant as it is efficient. And as high fuel costs and environmental concerns…

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Ductor to Revolutionize Fertilizer, Crude Oil with Bio-based Approach to Ammonia

By MATT GALLAGHER, Red Herring Harnessing the power of ammonia, Ductor hopes to revolutionize both garden farming and gas tanks by the end of this summer. The company is developing what it…

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Google Invests $200M in 161 MW Wind Project in Texas

Google closed a $200 million investment in the Spinning Spur Wind Project, a 161 megawatt West Texas wind farm that will generate enough electricity to power 60,000 homes. Each of the farm’s…

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China’s Hanergy Finalizes Purchase of MiaSole

Hanergy Holding Group, China’s largest clean energy company, finalized its purchase of MiaSole, the world’s largest thin film-PV company, in an agreement that gives it a 100 percent stake, the AP reported.…

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LightSail Lands $37.3M from Bill Gates, Peter Thiel for Clean Energy Storage

by Matt Gallagher, Red Herring journalist LightSail, an innovative Berkeley company that uses air compression, water droplets and some creative thermodynamics to store clean energy for the long term, has raised $37.3…

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Ecospan Closes the Plastic Loop in Eco-Friendly Approach that’s Also Green in Dollars

by MATT GALLAGHER, Red Herring In the world of bio-based plastic, Ecospan not only closes the loop, producing a solid, industry-suited plastic from 100 percent natural materials, but it does so at a…

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Dept. of Energy Sinks $2 Million into Solar Mosaic’s Crowdfunding for Solar

As part of the SunShot Initiative, the US Department of Energy has awarded a $2 million grant to Solar Mosaic, a crowdfunding platform for solar projects. The company aims to make solar…

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