Ukrainian Innovators Make Break for Energy Independence

Amid the fallout of Ukraine’s continued eastern conflict, its energy sector has come under intense scrutiny. The 2014 annexation of Crimea wrested a huge amount of energy potential away from the former…

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Offshore Wind Energy is at a Turning Point: Next Comes Innovation

This April Germany’s Bundesnetzagentur selected four offshore wind projects–three by Danish firm DONG Energy, one by German EnBW–at an auction some have earmarked as a turning point for the industry. The reason?…

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Slavutych, The Town that Chernobyl Built, Makes a Bid for a Tech Future

In Slavutych, the nuclear town created as a communist utopia 30 years ago, talk is usually fixed on half-lives. This weekend, in a function room above an Estonian restaurant, around 50 people…

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Tesla Acquires SolarCity – But Markets are Unsure

Tesla has officially acquired SolarCity, the largest American provider of solar energy services. The deal, which was sealed this morning, was approved by over 85% of Tesla shareholders, and marks another significant step…

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Tech Shares Wobble, Renewables Worry, on Trump Election Win

America is in a state of collective shock after last night’s surprise election victory for Republican candidate Donald Trump. As results came in and Trump’s path to the White House was paved…

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As California Votes to Legalize Weed, The Drug’s Tech Industry is Enjoying High Times

The US marijuana industry is lighting up. America now has 8.4 million regular cannabis users, up from half that in 2002. Thanks largely to legalizations in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Colorado, the…

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Fusion ReactorFusion Reactor

How Supercomputers and the Berlin Wall Made a Nuclear Marvel Possible

Located a ten-minute drive outside the pretty German town of Greifswald, the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics has a gray-and-glass front and gently waving roof that scream ‘Science Stuff Here.’ Inside,…

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Eco-Automaker Riversimple Launches U.K. Hydrogen Car Trial

Welsh eco-friendly carmaker Riversimple has launched a trial of its hydrogen-powered Rasa model in its home country. The firm, which is currently crowdfunding to match a $2.2 million EU grant, will trial…

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Miito aims to replace the electric kettle

Overfilling a kettle might not seem like the obvious Eureka moment, but it’s an event that inspired Miito. The device, which heats liquid via electromagnetism, allows users simply to heat the water…

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Apple WatchApple Watch

Apple Watch, HBO Now and a solar flight around the world

Apple’s press event in San Francisco on Monday disclosed details of it’s first new product line since the iPad, the Apple Watch.

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