Heartbleed an ‘existential threat to Internet’ – experts

Over a week since the Heartbleed bug was revealed to the world millions of web users are still at risk of serious identity thefts. This week it was announced that up to 50 million Android smartphones were vulnerable, while Heartbleed-enabled hacks hit U.K. parenting site Mumsnet, and the Canadian tax authority. Heartbleed is a loophole in the … Read More


How Berlin became an online privacy haven

After NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked millions of secrets that blew the lid off American spying activities, Germany's most famous news magazine Der Spiegel defended him, blazoning "Asyl Für Snowden" (Asylum for Snowden) on its front page. Since then, Snowden has found a home in Moscow. But many hoped the German capital of Berlin had provided … Read More



Enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools help manufacturers and distributors address supply chain and operational issues, keeping track of products as they move from the warehouse floor, to the truck, and eventually to the shop or direct to consumer.  Most of the legacy solutions that are available however, fall far from the budget of the small to … Read More

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Turkey’s hackers to continue disruption despite lifting of Twitter ban

Turkey's hacking community will continue its quest of online disruption despite the country's constitutional court lifting a controversial ban on Twitter. The embargo was deemed unlawful on April 3 but a block on video-sharing site YouTube remains. RedHack, an Anonymous-affiliated group, tells Red Herring that its … Read More

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Dropbox makes two acquisitions – Investment Round Up

Series A According to TechCrunch, San Mateo-based marketing performance management company Beckon has secured $8 million in a Series A round. August Capital and Canaan Partners invested. The company confirmed in a blog post that it had gained $10 … Read More.

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Campaign Monitor secures $250m – Investment Round Up

Series A Sammamish, Washington-based OwnZones Media Network has gained $5.9 million in a Series A investment round. OwnZones leverages content aggregation and works with companies such as Reuters and The Guardian. The company debuted this past … Read More.

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Squarespace raises $40m – Investment Round Up

Series A KeyMe, which helps people keep, distribute and copy real keys via digital technology, has gained $7.8 million in a Series A funding round. White Star Capital, Battery Ventures, Ravin Gandhi and 7-Ventures LLC were among the investors. The … Read More.

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Zebra to acquire Motorola Enterprise business – Investment Round Up

Series A Gene-therapy startup AAVLife has raised $12 million in a Series A funding round led by Versant Ventures. Inserm Transfert Initiative contributed to the investment. The Paris-based company concentrates on rare diseases. Car buying and … Read More.